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What are Nic Salt E Liquids?

The term “Nic Salt” (Nicotine Salt or Salt Nic) is derived from the natural Nicotine salts that are found inside tobacco plants. In the last few years it has been observed that Nic Salt E Liquids have grown in popularity due to their more comfortable vaping experience as well as the higher levels of nicotine when contrasted with regular E Liquids. This has caused some confusion over the exact nature of Nic Salts are, and that’s why we’ve created an extensive guide that has every question answered.

There’s a scientific and easy solution to “What is Nic Salt?”.

Simply put simply, Nic Salts are E Liquids that have an innovative type of nicotine that is more smooth when inhaled, and easier to absorb in the human body.

The more scientific solution requires an understanding of nicotine standard (freebase). If you’re an enthusiast of vaping, you’ll doubt find this interesting just like us. If you’d prefer to learn the basics of vaping it’s fine to go into the following section.

Nicotine in its pure form has the chemical structure of salts and isn’t readily absorbable into the bloodstream. Freebase nicotine was invented by Marlboro in the past 50 years in order to provide nicotine from cigarettes in a faster and more efficient manner. Freebase nicotine is produced through a process that makes use of ammonia to raise the PH levels of nicotine salts, which consequently, makes it absorbs much more quickly in the lungs after combusting (when you smoke cigarettes). It’s refined nicotine in its pure forme (hence the name”freebase) and delivers large doses of nicotine in a much more efficient manner when compared to using regular cigarettes. While it is very quickly absorbed by your lung, the more powerful the nicotine more intense, the more unpleasant the sensation on your throat as you breathe.

Salt Nic, however, is made of the similar nicotine salts that naturally occur that are found in tobacco leaves however, it’s not refined using the same harmful chemicals. Instead of extracting salts and then increasing the potency of nicotine by using ammonia Natural acids are employed that react with nicotine salts, thereby altering the chemical structure of their compounds.

Instead of raising your PH levels of nicotine using harsh chemicals the reaction of natural acids actually reduces PH levels, which allows your body to take in nicotine salts in much lower temperatures. This leads to a gentler throat experience, meaning greater doses are possible in E liquids.

Manufacturers have discovered that you can add as high as 50mg Nic Salt into an E Liquid without significant change in flavor, production or taste and without any rise in harshness. This is the reason Nic Salt is now the best option for nicotine delivery contrasted with freebase nicotine.

What are the benefits that come from Nic Salt?

The majority of Nic Salts are produced using 50/50 mix of PG and VG which is currently the most smooth E Liquid mix that is available.

Since nic salt e-liquid is made by a more gentle process, they avoid the unpleasant’smoky throat sensation which is often associated with more powerful nicotine-based E-Liquids. It’s possible to get up to 20mg nicotine strength per 10ml bottle!

It also allows you to add up to 50mg Nic Salts to a shortfill Liquid bottle with no noticeable rise in harshness (but you’ll of course be reducing the flavor in your E Liquid by every Nic Shot added after that second).

Nic Salts get absorbed into the body faster than freebase nicotine, too. Many people believe that by using less nicotine levels, they’ll use less, and thus reduce their expenditure. If you consider the higher consumption rates for Nic Salts it is possible that you will actually notice that you smoke less, if you use nicotine salts, you’re getting an adequate amount of nicotine from the beginning.

The majority of Nic Salt users notice that the same 10ml bottle can last more than twice the time of their usual E Liquid mixture.

They’re also great for smokers who’ve recently made the switch to vaping in order to enjoy the same high levels of nicotine you’re accustomed to, but without carcinogenic and harmful chemicals that are commonly found in cigarettes.

Is Nic Salt Strictly Safe?

Nicotine Salt E Liquid is 100% safe and does not have adverse effects on your health similar to the regular nicotine freebase. It is not a cause of Popcorn Lung nor dehydrate you. There are no reported allergic reactions that have been reported as a result of the use of Nic Salt E Liquids.

Nicotine Salt is essentially nicotine that is made using an advanced and refined method. If you haven’t had any issues with the standard (freebase) nicotine and you are not experiencing any issues, then you should be completely safe with using Nicotine Salts.

What device/coil should I use to make Salt Nic?

You can use Nic Salts on almost every device, but because of the 50% PG/ 50% VG mix , they are best suited to POD Systems and Starter Kits (Vape Pens). We don’t recommend you use a Sub-Ohm device when using Nic Salts because they’re made to take in enormous amounts of vapour within a single hit which can result in an amount of nicotine that is over what you would have would have expected.

The ideal situation is to utilize a POD System to meet your Nic Salt requirements, like the Drag Nano POD Kit or the VOOPOO Drag S. These POD devices are specifically designed for use in conjunction with E liquids 50/50, and consequently are suitable for Salt Nic mix.

Starter Kits as well as Vape Pens are great alternatives for those who don’t want to dive into the realm of POD Systems right now. The Innokin Endura T-18E are still able to deliver the smoothest , most enjoyable vape that you’ve ever enjoyed when used in conjunction by Nic Salt E Liquids.

As stated earlier as previously mentioned, vaping Nic Salts using a sub-Ohm device isn’t recommended. 50/50 E Liquids tend to be smaller than the 70/30 E Liquids you’re used to and your coils are likely to burn out faster. It’s not meant for the sake of sounding like an old record but we are aware of the feeling when you take the entire amount of nicotine in one sitting. It’s recommended to stick to your usual 70/30 E Liquids in the cloud machine.

What exactly are POD Systems?

POD Systems or POD Kits are compact and small vape products that make use of pods (refillable plastic cartridges that have an wick and coil in the middle) instead of coils and tanks. The pods can be interchanged which means that you can fill different pods with your favorite flavors and then swap them out as you’d like!

Certain POD Kits include an adjustable coil to allow you to fine tune the vaping experience. However, most will use Cartridges. The pod cartridges need to be replaced at some point (in the same manner as the coils you use) however they typically last for several refills.

The majority of POD kits utilize an activation trigger or button to activate the device (just like a typical device) There are some that can be put in your mouth, and then breathe in order to trigger the.

Nic Shots are flavorless bottles of nicotine that can be added to an 0mg (zero nicotine) shortfill bottle. This means you’ll have more of your preferred flavor for less money and you can also fine-tune and improve your personal nicotine strength. The Nic Salt Shots are the exact same, but they’re created using Nicotine Salts instead of freebase nicotine. This makes for an e-liquid that is smoother mix no matter how high the nicotine strength of your.

Nic Salt Shots are an excellent option for those looking to boost their nicotine strength over the limit of 20mg (which is the highest strength in 10-ml bottle). If you feel that your standard E Liquid simply isn’t giving sufficient nicotine or if you notice you’re constantly vaping to meet your demands switching for Nic Salt Shots or Shortfill bottles is the right choice.

How much Nic Salt should I add to 100ml shortfill bottles?

Nic Salt Shots function exactly the same way as regular Nic Shots but they have a more smooth type of nicotine. Nicotine Salt Shots are sold in 10ml bottles that have 18 mg strength. If you added 2 shot to 100ml shortfill bottle, you’d have 120ml E Liquid with 3mg strength.
The addition of two Nic Salt Shots will give you 120ml of 6mg strength (and and so on).

Keep in mind that Nic Salt absorbs much more quickly and efficiently that freebase nicotine. Six mg Nic Salt is stronger than a freebase 6mg Liquid.

Is salt nicotine better for you?

The answer is that nicotine salts are not more or less secure than regular freebase nicotine. If you’re concerned about the safety of your family, you should know it’s a safe chemical, and salt nicotine is not an more risk than the regular nicotine type.

What’s the distinction between regular and salt nicotine?

Both of these products undergo the same process, but with regards to liquid e-liquids, the major distinction between the two is that salt nicotine is more smooth than regular nicotine. This lets users vape stronger e-liquids however without the throat tingle you get from standard, freebase nicotine.

Why are short fills of 50ml E-liquids so well-known?

Shortfills are well-liked because they permit users to purchase over the limit of 10ml for vape juice that contains nicotine. They can thus save money and they don’t need to buy several bottles at a moment. For those wondering the reasons why 50ml is such the most popular option it’s because this size is an ideal compromise where customers can buy a bigger bottle, but not commit to larger sizes like 120ml or 100ml.

How long will 50ml of vape juice last?

This is contingent on several factors, including the amount of vape you’re using as well as the type the device that you’re using as well as the proportion of your vape juice. The more you use, the faster your juice will deplete. Also, those who are using devices that are sub-ohm will likely require refills more frequently since they tend to consume more liquid. If you’re using the device in moderate amounts and you’re not using it frequently, you can anticipate a bottle of 50ml of liquid to last for about one month, if not more.