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Why gift mini whiskey barrels?

Let’s take a look at the reasons the reasons why the mini whiskey barrel are the ideal present.

The Flavor is derived from the Wood

Due to the wood barrels used to hold spirits like whiskey and bourbon The flavor of alcohol is derived from wood. In this way, alcohol that is that is stored inside wooden barrels can help in introducing oxygen slowly into the spirit. The alcohol stored in barrels is also able to enhance the flavor of the spirit by introducing other flavors from the wood. Mini barrels of whiskey and bourbon can be enjoyed since each spirit has an unique flavor that cannot be replicated inside the bottle.

Barrel-Aging Ethanol Content

Mini barrels of aged spirits make perfect gifts because wooden barrels aid in reducing amounts of Ethanol. This allows the spirit a silky and luxurious taste , in contrast to a strong alcohol flavor which can be unpleasant on the palate.

At the time small wooden barrels and even larger barrels, were used to store spirits because they made transporting alcohol much simpler. They were also shatterproof and their round shape was ideal for storage and rolling. In time, people noticed a distinct taste in spirits stored in barrels. The smell and the finish of the liquor were improved. Mini barrels of spirits that are given as gifts will include spirits with a more refined flavor and body.


Another reason why mini barrels of whiskey or bourbon can be an ideal gift is their capacity to be easily stored. If the recipient of your mini barrel wishes to enjoy an excellent drink made from whisky or whiskey that has been aged all they need to do is go into the barrel’s mini version and make sure the spout is turned. They don’t need worry about storage needs. The barrel is able to be stored easily on a bar next to other wines, spirits and spirits. The barrels can also be put in an upright location to allow space for other things.

Where can you purchase Mini Barrels for gift-giving?

To that beloved loved one in your family or that loved friend who appreciates an excellent whiskey or bourbon, miniature barrels of their preferred spirit are a great present. Luckily, TwoBeeps offers gift sets which are guaranteed to delight those who are whiskey and bourbon connoisseurs who are in your life.

In actual fact we have small wooden barrels to sell which house perfectly aged spirits. We also have a large range of small oak whiskey barrels mini whiskey barrels and much more.