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Understanding The Risks of Cat C Cars

Have you been searching for a second-hand car to purchase? There are vehicles that are labeled as category S vehicles , and are actually quite affordable. But what exactly does this designation refer to? Maybe you’ve asked yourself whether I should buy a car in the category S to reduce the cost of my car purchase?

What is a category S Car?

If a car has suffered some damage as a result of accidents, fire or flood, the insurance provider may decide that it’s likely to cost too much to repair it. When this happens, then the car’s insurance provider could simply take it off.

Insurance write-offs fall in four classes. Categories B, A S as well as N. For vehicles that fall under category S that means they have suffered structural damage. However, they are able to be fixed. However, even if it’s repaired, the type of repair remains the same for the period of its existence. This makes it much more affordable. This is the reason the reason the category S cars are inexpensive, yet they may not qualify for financing.

Understanding the risks

There’s a big problem with categorizing written-off vehicles , however. There is no legal requirement that the repaired vehicle to be examined and assessed to determine if it’s safe to drive. This is why it’s going to be difficult for buyers of cars to determine whether the vehicle in the category S is in good condition and has had thorough repairs and is in good condition as well as safe for driving.

Beyond safety, owning the category S vehicle could be dangerous in numerous ways. A vehicle that’s a category S car can impact the amount you’ll need to cover for your insurance. This will also impact the price at which you can resell the vehicle if you plan to sell it at some point in the future. Remember that it’s costly to repair a vehicle which has suffered structural damage.

Insurance companies will always determine if the expense of fixing an automobile will be worth the expense compared to worth of the car prior to getting damaged. For instance, if repairs to the vehicle is greater than the value of the car in the first instance, the insurance company will make the policyholder pay the amount of the settlement, and then deduct the car.

Tips to Remember

If you choose to purchase an ‘category S car, one thing you need to know first is that these cars are able to be fixed through independent auto repair shops. However, they aren’t legally required to submit the vehicle to an inspection when the car has been fixed completely. Therefore, car owners can’t be certain that the repaired car is secure to operate.

It’s sad that there aren’t restrictions on the repair requirements for cars in the category S. However, if you’re looking to purchase one and you are in the market for one, the best thing to do is inspect the vehicle by a professional. It might cost a little some money but it’s worthwhile being confident that the vehicle is roadworthy, and you don’t have to be worried about it all the time you drive it.

Why should you buy an Cat S Car?

It’s a good idea to purchase a write-off vehicle. The primary benefit you receive from purchasing a category S vehicle is that the cost of these cars that are repaired salvage is at a low price.

Second-hand cars are less expensive than original models that are free of damages. They could even be similar mileage as well as age, but an S-class car will be much less expensive. It is for this reason you might find car dealers, hobbyists and repairers purchasing category S vehicles, and category N vehicles. buying a damaged vehicle and then fixing it so that they can become roadworthy again is an income-generating business.

If you are planning to purchase an automobile that has been repaired, it is essential to conduct all tests to reduce the risk of purchasing an automobile that is hidden damages and problems. You might also want to do the most thorough research you can so that you can be aware of the costs associated with buying damaged vehicles and how much you’ll have to pay for the repairs to remain safe for the next time.

Reselling a Cat S Car

If the purpose of purchasing an S vehicle is you can repair it , and then sell it, you might make some decent profits. However, note that vehicles written off that fall under categories S or category N typically sell for less even if they’ve been repaired properly.

However, if you’re planning to purchase a category S vehicle for private use, then you won’t be concerned about the repair cost in the same way as the price at which you can sell the vehicle and the earnings you’ll earn.

Even even with the expense of repairs even with all the repair costs, you still can save money when buying an auto that is a category S vehicle as opposed to purchasing a brand new model. When you’ve made the choice to buy an category S car, make sure to hire an expert to conduct the inspection.

Have a professional inspect the car

A qualified expert who is able to assess the condition of the vehicle in detail should be a mechanic, engineer or motor that is affiliated with RAC as well as the AA organizations. The person who inspects the vehicle can inform you about any potential risks that are related to car’s condition. They will also tell you how reliable the vehicle is in the event in the event of an accident, additionally, they’ll be able tell you whether there are any problems that are not obvious to the driver.

It’s not expensive, but it’ll be worth the effort to obtain an expert’s advice. A report from an engineer is something you could be able to use as evidence before the courts in the event that you are faced with the worst-case scenario, such as an action.


It’s tempting to purchase an Cat S car because it’s very affordable. It is better if you have the technical knowledge and know-how on how to repair a category S car prior to purchasing one. So, you can be certain that the vehicle you buy is safe to return to the road. It is also common that lenders are unable to assist you purchase a class S carusing financing options like Hire Purchase and PCP because it’s too risky for them, so make certain to inquire before you make a purchase.