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The energy efficiency of double glazing

The majority of homeowners all over Edinburgh are installing double glazed windows, and with the right reason, as these windows have many benefits.

Double-glazed windows offer these amazing benefits due to the fact that they come with two panes glass instead of just one. They are separated by one of two methods: a vacuum, or inert gas. They also have an desiccant that eliminates condensation.

Here are the best 6 benefits that double glazing Edinburgh can provide to a home:

Increased Insulation

Double-glazed windows are made to increase insulation by up to 40 percent. It’s the insulated seal unit (IGU) comprising two glass panes, argon gas and various tints and coatings that provide the insulation and block direct contact between indoor and outdoor air.

Single pane windows allow the transmission of heat or cold from outdoor and indoor ambient air to the windows. The temperature exchange is responsible for an estimated 30% of the hot or cool air that escapes an office or home.

The greater insulation offered by double-glazed windows decreases heating exchange by at least 50%. That means that during winter months, the warm air remains in the house, while during summer, it is outside exactly where it is supposed to be.

Lower Energy Bills

With its insulation properties double-glazed glass lowers energy bills. As double glazed windows reduce losses of warmth during winter and cooling in summer, they permit central heating and air conditioning units to operate less frequently and maintain the building at a constant temperature.

More Secure

Double glazed windows are actually more secure than single panes glass. The two glass panes that are double glazed windows come with an internal beading system for extra security and can be laminated or reinforced to prevent access..

All of our double glazed windows come in uPVC frames. It is a natural material that is strong, and we join all the joints of the window frames in order to create even more durable. Double glazing windows are the best way to stop any person who may want to open the window or break through it.

Noise Reduction

Interested in making your home or workplace a more peaceful place? Double-glazed windows are able to block more noise than a single pane glass. This means that double glazed windows are able to make an area that is up to 80% quieter than single pane windows of the past.

Enhance Property Value

Installing double glazed windows increases the value of your home due to their security, and also make the house more energy efficient.

Double-glazed windows improve the value of your home because they are stylish and secure the interiors of the house. UV rays come through every window that gets direct sunlight. The harmful rays harm furniture and fade carpets as well as deteriorate wallpaper and paint. The two glass panes coupled with special coatings common in double-glazed windows have the ability to block away a lot of UV radiation and keep the interior decorations in good condition for a longer time.

Maintenance that is easy and hassle-free

Double glazed windows have several components, however they are easy to keep clean. The two panes of glass are sealed to prevent dust and humidity from moving into hard to reach places. Additionally the strong uPVC frames around the glass are able to withstand the effects of humidity, they never corrode and don’t require repainted.

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