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Best Things To Do In Fethiye

Fethiye situated on The Mediterranean coastline of Turkey is stunningly beautiful despite being full of British tourists and expats. They have a lot of good reasons to go to Fethiye with a large number of people and the British publication called The Guardian named it as one of the top tourist destinations around the globe. Particularly, those looking for discounted prices while enjoying the comforts of all inclusive vacations might think of Fethiye as a great alternative for their next vacation.

Fethiye really is a vast area that is comprised of a variety of smaller resorts like Olu Deniz, Calis Beach, Hisaronu, Kayakoy, and other lesser delectable locations which are considered off the beaten path. I didn’t spend much time within the region and it is not as a top priority on my list of places to visit.

If you’ve had a Fethiye holiday, I am sure you’ll agree with my assertion that everyone should go. If you’re still not convinced to go, continue reading and I am sure that at the end of this article, the concept will be permanently engraved into your brain.

Turkey is home to a variety of beautiful natural places of interest in the Fethiye region. I believe it is true that the Mediterranean coast is a lot more beautiful then the Aegean.

The entire stretch of coastline is filled with amazing historic sites. A lesser-known attraction is Tlos which is just an easy distance from Fethiye and greatly underrated. Its Lycian rock tombs that are perched high in the rock should receive more international and local press.

Okay, I was a bit scared to take a paragliding flight from Babadag Mountain but if you are looking for an adrenaline rush, the tiny hotel of Olu Deniz is the place to be. There could be as many as 20 paragliders flying over your head.

In the middle of Fethiye There is a market for fish that has a fantastic idea. I was keen to go to it since I just selected my fish and brought it in one of the traditional eateries near the market, and they cooked for me. It was served with chips and salad.

The ghost town of Kayakoy is an important tourist attraction in the region. The village was previously inhabited by Greeks and Turks It is now an UNESCO friendly village.

Anyone who is familiar with Turkey can also confirm that in a few resorts on the coast the hassles are a major issue. Tourists feel uncomfortable and daunting. Storekeepers at Fethiye however were pleasant professional and friendly. I’m not sure that the word “horror” is part of their vocabulary. I enjoyed browsing through the variety of shops spread throughout Fethiye.

One of my top destinations are Butterfly Valley. I took the water taxi of Olu Deniz and spent the whole day there. The hippie-inspired place will blow your mind.

My hotel was close to the Marina in Fethiye which I quickly settled in a daily routine sat in the restaurant in the evening. In this region, everything happens and at the time of day boat excursions leave from there to cruise around the coast.

The nearby resort of Gocek is located close by. I was a bit snobby about it however, many others have recommended it.

Gulet cruises are a big enterprise in Fethiye and the majority of captains on boats have a deep understanding of all places on the Turkish Riviera. I observed as some of the most luxury gulet boats anchored in but I’ve not won the lottery yet. the idea of a four-day cruise from Fethiye remains on my list of things to do.

I enjoy researching the vast background of Turkey and was very impressed by the museum located in Fethiye town center. The museum has a wide array of exhibits, and all are accompanied by English signage.

Unique establishments that have interesting design and interiors, instantly catch my notice. Even though Fethiye town center is huge tiny gems such as this can be found in off-roads.

Olu Deniz beach is clean and uncrowded. It is for those who love beaches an amazing location to chill. Another alternative is to go there early in the morning and get onto a boat to go around tiny bays.

The entire coastline is filled with fascinating places like this, which I didn’t get to explore because I was too busy. Small towns away from the tourist trail such as Faralya, Kabak and Uzunyurt remain on my bucket list.

Old town Fethiye featured some amazing small shops I loved exploring. I was awed by the Ottoman style lamps that hang over the roof. The other delights were silver chessboards and ceramics and other homemade arts and crafts objects.

My fascination with Fethiye was sparked by the sight of the statue heads. My research into who they are is going on, but what an interesting method to gain knowledge about Turkish past!

Yakapark is located high in the mountains. It’s it is a frequent stop for lunch on Jeep safaris because they have trout farms available for guests to choose their own fish to cook for the BBQ lunch. This is not a luxurious place and is rather basic, but it is the small towns such as this, set into the natural scenery that provide many reasons to go to Fethiye during the summer.

Turkish people are warm and welcoming. There is nothing more enjoyable than walking down the streets and chatting with people such as the shoeshine cleaner. Fethiye is a top vacation spot, but you do not have to travel too far to meet the people who live there and their traditional style of living.

One of the last reasons to go to Fethiye is that a frequent ferry that connects the island Rhodes is available from its harbour. The tickets are costly, but the Greek neighbors to this amazing country have amazing tourist attractions that are their own. Alternately, you can go to the nearby area of Kas and take the ferry to the tiny island of Meis which is where I was able to visit Meis’s Blue Cave.