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4 Different Recruiting Solutions

Technology, such as recruiting tools, has completely changed the course of the lives we lead.
Particularly in the area of hiring. Nowadays, companies are relying on the latest technology to make hiring the best talent easy. Today busy recruiters are relying on custom-made technology such as hiring solutions that help them improve their recruitment game, streamline processes, communicate on their team, connect into the software they adore, and then onboard new recruits easily. With so many alternatives to choose from, these recruiting solutions aren’t always well-known to all. In this article, we will discuss the best solutions that you can utilize to recruit employees and how these solutions can assist in bringing the right talent into your company.

Technology that Writes Stunning Job Descriptions

Today, it’s common for businesses to suffer from bias in hiring. So, they have to make use of recruiting strategies that reduce bias. Job descriptions are typically the first interaction that potential employees have with the company, and they influence the kind of talent you’re able to attract. This is why it’s crucial for them to be precise and non-biased, as well as representative of the company’s values and culture. There’s no shortage of tools specifically designed to create efficient job descriptions. For starters, a number of augmented recruitment solutions make use of feedback based on data to improve descriptions of jobs. For instance, our world-class hiring platform, EVAREC, allows you to post your job without cost by submitting a single click to more than 2,000 channel, jobs board as well as social media sites. These solutions also fight unconscious bias and make descriptions of jobs more inclusive, thus increasing the quantity of qualified applicants. The Gender Decoder is a free program which detects gendered words to help you write descriptions that are appealing to prospective candidates regardless of gender. This is vital due to research that shows females are more likely not to submit applications for a job if a job description contains more masculine language. This can result in a less diversifying workforce, especially in fields such as technology.

Applicant Tracking System to Streamline the Process of Hiring Process

Solutions for recruiting like EVA-REC simplify the process of hiring for applicants and recruiters by utilizing high-end Integrations as well as AI features. They make sure that hiring managers keep candidates updated about their status when they apply and inform candidates of their position during the process of hiring and exactly what they can anticipate. There are many applications tracking systems, however the best is EVA-REC. EVA-REC makes job postings to over 2,000 job boards with a single click. It also instantly filters resumes, matches applicants to job openings and expands your reach dramatically. EVA-REC can also help you find and search through your resume database making use of AI filters that filter through a sea of resumes in order to identify applicants and find the best potential candidates earlier.

Chatbots to Ask Questions Prior To and after the hiring process

Chatbots are no longer only for marketing to communicate with potential customers. They’re essential tools for recruiting as well. They let candidates ask questions prior to and during their application. In reality, they are able to be able to answer as much as 90% of questions in a matter of 15 minutes. This is particularly beneficial since over half of candidates leave an organization if they don’t received a response within 2 weeks of submitting. Chatbots can also allow recruiters to connect with potential applicants. They can send updates about their status when applying, and are also able in initial screen tests. Of of course there are some chatbots that do not make good recruiting tools. Unproductive ones could hinder the applicant experience, diminish the engagement of applicants, or even deter applicants from applying. Make sure you do your homework before choosing a solution to assist you in your recruiting process.

Platform to Encourage Employees To Post Content about the Company

The employer brand of an organization which is essentially the reputation of an employer is essential to attract top candidates. In reality eighty percent of passive applicants as well as 84% of current applicants take into account the employer brand prior to applying for jobs. However, potential applicants don’t believe the words a company uses about itself. They are more influenced by what employees of the organization are saying about it. This is why solutions for recruiting such as employee advocacy platforms allow employees to share and create information about their employer, which is vital to modern day talent acquisition. The majority of employees post about their employer on social media. The best firms encourage this. In the end, they’ve spent a many hours and money into bringing on the most skilled employees, and they trust their employees to speak for their interests. When employees share company content or express their appreciation for their employer, their posts receive an eight-fold higher amount of engagement than corporate posts. When employees share work content, it’s more efficient than when a business shares it. In fact, 30percent of people believe that shared job-related content is the most valuable and effective.