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6 Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Shredder Service

Eliminating confidential waste in a secure manner is crucial to safeguard confidential business data.

With the increasing risk of identity theft and the tightening of rules You’re aware that it’s the top priority. However, let’s face it the shredder in the office isn’t the most exciting task.

On the other hand professional shredders offer an easier, more reliable and secure method to keep your information as well as your reputation, stakeholder and information secure.

The safe disposal of your sensitive documents isn’t the only advantage of working with a professional shredder business. Here are the top six reasons for why outsourcing document shredding is the best choice you can make in 2023.

1. Get GDPR compliance

Businesses could face fines up to 4 percent of their annual worldwide turnover when personal information is stolen. So, making sure that confidential information that is both physical and electronic that is securely disposed is vital. Professional shredding services offer an easy, yet efficient method to protect your information from malicious third-party hackers. This keeps your company safe and GDPR-compliant.

2. Keep an audit trail

If your confidential information is destroyed on your premises or elsewhere You will be given an official certificate of destruction for your documents. The audit trail will show that your company follows strict processes to ensure the security of your sensitive data and is dedicated to safeguarding the privacy rights of its employees and customers. This audit trail can also serve to prove that you’re in compliance with regulations like the Data Protection Act, as in addition to the GDPR.

3. More than paper can be destroyed

A standard office shredder will only shred paper, but our cutting-edge shredding machines will destroy everything from hard drives to mobile phones to flash drives and textiles. Additionally, you won’t need to take staples, paperclips or even paper from folders and binders prior to destroying your documents. Our machines can handle these, thereby reducing both time and hassle organizing your documents and equipment before they are destroyed.

4. Reducing your carbon footprint

Did you have the knowledge that a shredding service company can also assist you to meet your business’ sustainability objectives? By outsourcing your shredding, you reduce how much waste that you send to the landfill since the paper is recycled. We at Datashredders we recycle 99percent of our paper that is shredded. We also aim to gather from clients located in the same area in the same route to cut down on petrol usage and the carbon footprint of the paper.

5. Reduce energy and time

There’s just not enough hours in the day . Does this sound familiar? It’s true that disposing of confidential documents in a secure manner is crucial, but truth be told the use of a shredder in your office is a bit of an undertaking, in addition to time-consuming. Employing a professional shredding service to safely dispose of documents is one method to streamline the process and free your time, which allows you to be able to focus on more profitable projects.

6. Keep confidential data secure

Companies of all sizes have the obligation to ensure that confidential information is protected. That includes the method by which the data is destroyed. When you outsource your shredding needs to Datashredders, you can ensure that the personal data is secure. In the majority of cases Datashredders cut up your confidential data at your location. This means that you are able to observe the shredding process for yourself , giving you assurance.