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Everything You Need to Know About Explainer Video Companies

Explainer videos can help customers gain a better understanding of a product or service that you wish to market and get your company’s name in front of potential buyers when they are thinking about buying. Through this your company can answer questions from customers through a lighthearted and enjoyable way that position your company as an expert in the field.

In the end, if you’re not already making use of videos to explain your business as part of your digital marketing strategy now is the best moment to begin.

What is an explainer video?

Explainer videos are short , informative video that is used to present your company or the product or service you provide. They usually run from one to two minutes long and show the viewers what you do in a way that is creative. The term “explainer” originates due to the fact they aid people comprehend something by simplifying it into simpler phrases.

Explainer videos are available in many different formats like animated videos that are typically more enjoyable for people of all ages! There are also live-action video that might include interviews with actual actors or employees on the set. The combination of live-action and animation can help explain complex processes, specifically for the gas and oil industry or renewables sector.

Why explainer videos are so effective?

In general, videos are generally recognized as an effective media due to their ability to draw your audience’s attention visually and audio, which is quite telling when you take into consideration that the majority of our brain’s stimulation is derived from audio and visual signals.

Utilizing video as a marketing or learning tool it not only assists viewers to more effectively retain the information presented, but it creates an emotional reaction which they then may connect with your company or brand.

According to the research conducted by HubSpot 70% of marketing professionals agree that using an animated explainer video company helped them increase traffic to their site and boost sales. Marketers also noticed an increase of 66% more leads that are qualified each year from the use of explainer videos.

In addition, HubSpot also found that 96% of people have increased their consumption of online videos in the year 2020. Today, nine out of 10 users are saying they would like to see more videos from businesses and brands videos, which means that videos are not only desired but also expected to be viewed by most of your people.

How do you create an explainer videos that work for you?

It’s not a secret that using video as a form of advertising is an excellent method for companies to communicate their branding, marketing message and offer services, however at the end of the day, what determines whether or whether an explainer video is effective boils directly to the caliber of video as well as the audible content.

When your video explaining can to explain difficult-to-understand concepts in a simple manner, they’re doing a great job, and will be well-received.

An explainer video only works if it has been able to simplify a difficult-to-understand concept for the viewer. The objective is always to simplify the process, or your product and how it operates or the many intricate components of your product in bite-sized chunks.

Also, you should take into consideration the level of understanding the target audience. What terms and jargons can they comprehend. If the video is for people who are new or have advanced knowledge for a specific product be sure you mention this in the description or title of your video in order not to confuse viewers.

In the event that your explanation video makes viewers with a tense look the video will not bring the results you’d like. This is why we suggest hiring a video production company to create the video on your behalf. They can develop a compelling narrative and produce a professional-looking video that will yield the results you’re looking for.

Explainer videos of various types

Live-Action Explainer Video Tutorials

Live-action explainer video are promotional videos made with real people to present the product or service offered by your business. Businesses that offer physical products or service that is oriented towards people like an establishment for consulting or a restaurant could be a good candidate for a live-action explainer.

They can be extremely effective due to the fact that we are naturally attracted to human faces in order to establish connections. This can help the viewers of a live-action movie be more emotional attuned to the characters particularly when they relate with the characteristics of your intended viewers.

Some companies choose to the employees of their company in the film which is often more engaging. This is due to the fact that you are being able to observe those who are behind the product or service that are committed to their work and experience their own experiences.

Social media live stream

Live streams are identical to a live-action video, with the exception that they are shared live through social media. This means that there’s no need for edits or post-effects. It may seem difficult, but creating live streams can create a sense of connectivity and accessibility between your company and your viewers.

You can answer consumers’ questions in real-time by adjusting the content you shoot to fit the requirements of your viewers. This produces highly personal content, and any errors you may make help to make your brand more human and demonstrate that you do not have anything to conceal.

The great thing about stream live video is that it allows you to save the video to your channel later or decide not to. Saving your video will permit more viewers to view the video, to share it, and take part in it.

Businesses can pay social media influencers to make live stream videos on their behalf, as long as they ensure it is simple for the influencer to comprehend and that it is compatible with the personality of the influencer as well as their followers. This can be particularly beneficial for B2C companies.

Animated explainer videos

The most well-known type of explainer videos is animation. Animation is a way to make anything happen. The most unimaginable things are transformed into reality before your own eye. This is why that animations are particularly effective when creating explainer videos that focus on illustrating highly complex products, services and solutions.

These kinds of videos are often used to describe services that are difficult to convey in live-action manner, like industrial services or intangible technology products such as software. The renewables, oil and gas industries often employ animated explanation videos to show different pieces of equipment or technologies in action. These are not physically visible on film due to the fact that it is either submerged in water or below the ground.

Certain companies however offer very few, if any physical items, making live-action explainer video a naive choice. animated explainer videos let companies to be more imaginative in their content and are able to be modified easily in the event that any changes have needed to be done.

People are more likely to watch a video than read a textual description of an item or service. Also, the use of animation can make the user experience much more pleasant. In turn, your message will be more likely to get absorbed. By including a call to action towards the conclusion of your explanation video will direct viewers to the next step they should do.

The most important thing is that animation-based explainer video clips are enjoyable. They are generally viewed more as entertainment , not an opportunity to sell which is why the audience is more likely take a look, become enticed and act, as opposed to conventional advertisements. We suggest that in order to make the most of an explainer video that is a minated version you engage an animation company which specializes in animation to design and produce the content. This way, you can be sure that the video will be of top quality and produce the desired results.

Whiteboard explanation videos

Whiteboard Explainer Videos are an educational video which uses hand-drawn-style animations to write and erase its white background, in order to replicate the process of learning using whiteboards. This type of video has gained popularity since it is a more simple and economical style of animation.

The style takes the viewer back to the days of the classroom, and demonstrates that this is an environment where they can acquire new knowledge. The use of the use of thin lines as well as continuous movements help to make the film more efficient as it flows seamlessly between scenes. This helps to keep the attention of the viewer for longer, however it could not be the style that will work for your brand. This is something you must be aware of when choosing which type of explainer videos is suitable for your company.

What kind of explainer video is the best?

It’s a highly subjective. Based on the type of industry as well as the kind of client you are trying to reach and the product or service you want to promote. It is possible to mix various styles like live-action video, paired with animations to enhance your product’s capabilities.

Explainer video best practices

Keep your audience in mind

Who’s your target audience? It’s difficult to effectively engage with someone if aren’t sure the person you’re speaking to. Remember that the market you’re targeting for a specific video might not be identical to your overall intended audience.

When creating any marketing materials, you have to first think about what your audience’s having to deal with and how you wish to portray yourself to them. What are the issues they face and what product or service alleviate these difficulties?

What’s the next step you’d like the public to do? Are you hoping that people subscribe to your newsletter, test your product for free or even visit our site? That’s how you’ll determine which your call-to-action is going to be.

Pay attention to them

Don’t let viewers get enticed and get them to be interested right away. Studies show that internet users decide the likelihood to take a look at your content in the first two seconds of viewing, therefore, you need to get their attention immediately and stay there.

It could be done by making an effective declaration, or perhaps with appealing visuals and stylish design. Explainer videos with animation can be extremely effective in driving viewers’ attention to the visuals and keep their attention longer.

Utilizing words such as “you” as well as “your” assists in bringing the eye directly.

Keep it short

Do not go on for all day. It’s only possible to keep an online user’s attention for a limited amount of time so be sure to keep your content short and simple. There’s no reason to creating content that is boring, boring or boring because it’s not going to produce the results you want.

Make sure to keep the duration the video is not more than two minutes or shorter if your subject is straightforward.

In the end, the more you provide information to someone in a single session the more likely it is that they’ll forget it. For maximum retention, concentrate on a couple of key lessons. And don’t forget to end with the clear CTA.

Create your explainer video script the best it can be.

It is crucial that your story is captivating and relevant to your viewers. You may be tempted to dive straight into the exciting video-making process However, how successful your video explainer depends on the narrative being engaging.

Be sure to address every question your audience might ask and describe to them what they are likely to get from your content.

You can ask a trusted person to go through your script and who isn’t familiar with the idea you’re trying to communicate. This will help ensure that you’ve not made assumptions that could cause viewers to get confused by the explanation.

If you’ve decided to use an explainer-video company to complete the work It is possible that you will have help them write the script, since you be familiar with your product/service better than anyone else.

It is also important to consider the tone you intend to use to communicate the message The tone you wish them to adopt, as well as the age you would like them to be, and if they should be female or male. These elements can influence the likelihood that your intended audience will be interested in the video explaining your message.

Why would you want to use an explainer-video company to create your material?

If you’re not already making use of explainer video as a part of your marketing plan, it’s time to get started now. The majority of companies, no matter size or how small, do not have the specialist expertise and resources to produce impressive and engaging videos in the same way as Explainer videos produced by a firm can.

In deciding on what your storyline should be, and what explainer video format is most suitable for your company, brand or product, and the way your audience will interact with it, an explainer-video production company will guide you towards the correct direction. The most effective explainer video production firms can also integrate your branding and imagery to ensure your content is consistent over all media.

Companies that produce animated videos are able to access highly skilled animators, designers and videographers that can create original characters from scratch, or integrate the live action footage in animations with ease and aplomb. No matter what you decide to do be sure to not attempt to make an animation completely by yourself with no or little knowledge of the field. What you will end up with is an amateur-looking film which fails to connect with the audience you want to reach.

Making explainer videos that work is a challenge without spending a fortune into consideration an animated explanation video. It’s always better to depend on those who can do the job correctly.