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How A New Web Design Can Grow Your Business

Do you have a similar scenario? You have a business website or online store. Your online presence could also be defunct. Your site isn’t attracting enough attention and, let’s face it, you’re not crazy about its design or function.

It’s like hiring a professional web designer is on the cards for you in the near future.

When you need a web overhaul or a brand new website, a web designer can help get the job completed. Before you attempt to do it yourself, take a look at these 13 advantages of hiring a professional designer.

A poorly designed website can be disastrous for a website. Let’s examine the following:

75% of customers have a tendency to judge a company’s credibility by the design of its website.
57% of internet users have said they wouldn’t recommend a business that has an unprofessional website design on mobile.
38% of people not be able to engage with a website if the content or layout is not appealing.
If they had 15 minutes to read content, two-thirds of people would instead look at something that is beautifully designed rather than something plain.

What are the benefits from hiring a professional website agency or designer? Expertise.

Find out how web designers can face challenges and develop the online presence you require to meet your business objectives as well as your expectations for your users.

Some of the benefits of hiring an experienced Web Designer

1. A high-quality site

The need for a top-quality web design is among the biggest reasons to hire a professional web design agency.

Yes, there are lots of free templates for web design available. But they’re just templates. It’s not possible to build an innovative, top-of-the-line website with one of these cookie cutters.

Making a professional website requires both skill and planning. You should think about themes or structures, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. All of this might sound like gibberish for you if you have no web design, IT or programming background. But it is second nature to a professional web developer.

A skilled web designer can build a site that is dynamic and appealing. A professionally designed site will provide a more pleasant user experience.

2. More User-Friendly Experience

Web designers who are professionals know the rule of thumb: put on the first page of users. The details of this rule are less complicated than you think. While some businesses are occupied with embellishments or the so-called bells and whistles of web design, they fail to concentrate on the information most relevant to your intended audience.

Think about what your customers need to know what they need to know: how to contact your business, where you’re in the world (if relevant), and what items or services you provide.

Another thing that web designers as well as digital marketers be focusing on is your product web page, or the pages. Suppose you are selling multiple merchandise or have an product menu. In that case you must make it evident how to purchase an item or navigate the products you are selling.

If a customer isn’t able to figure out the benefits in doing business they are unlikely to engage with you. Instead, they’ll look for an easier alternative. It could be one of your opponents!

3. Striking the Right Balance

A page that is too packed with unnecessary information will discourage potential customers. Keep ads to a minimum , and avoid the use of excessive images, videos, and large blocks of text. On the opposite side from the spectrum is a website that is too simple can be a challenge.

Some websites that are minimalist — especially homepages -contain a short paragraph of text or a single, plain image leading you onto the next page. While this may be appealing, it is not beneficial to your bottom revenue.

A professional website’s home page should make the product services, the quality, and value of your business clear. Research has shown that people process simple visuals and text quicker and more efficiently.

A professional web designer can aid you in discerning the difference between too much clutter, too minimalist, and simplicity at its best.

4. Online Strategy

Another reason to engage someone to create a web site for you? A skilled web designer will create for you a solid strategy for your website.

In other words the website designer is going to keep the business’s structure and your future goals for the organization in mind when creating your site. The goal of the designer is to create a solid foundation for the site to prosper over the long-term.

5. Mobile-First Design

An increasing number of consumers use smartphones and tablets instead of desktop or laptop computers, to get online. Therefore, your business’s website must be compatible today’s mobile-friendly technologies.

If your site isn’t mobile-first, users will leave your website. It means that your visitors don’t spend enough time on your website to convert them into buyers and making sales.

Luckily, a skilled web designer can help improve the conversion rate of your website and increase your online sales.

6. Pay Attention to the Small Particulars

The most appealing websites appear simple. They can be extremely complicated. In a case study one software company implemented one slight change to their website: they changed the font size from 10 to 13.

The increase in efficiency by 133% and reduced bounce rate by 10%. Professional web designers know what minor changes can be most beneficial to your site.

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7. The Perfect Call to Action

As per Small Business Trends, nearly three-quarters — 70% — of websites do not have a call to action. An immediate call to action, that usually begins with words such as “Buy,” “Subscribe,” or “Sign Up” encourages users to act immediately and establish a firm connection with your company.

And it does work. According to AdRoll an effective appeal to action Facebook can increase click-through rates by up to 285%..

70% of small-sized sites for business do not include a Call to Action (CTA) on their homepage. Business2Community

Professional web designers understand the most effective place to put your call-to-action as well. The conversion rate and click-through-rate depend on the location of your call-to-action.

Keep the call-toaction text simple. One word is sufficient. Three, two, or more will cause confusion and detract interest.

8. SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO, isn’t just a buzzword nowadays. It’s an indispensable tool for every business owner looking to be competitive in 2023 and beyond.

The new site you have created must be optimized to ensure that it shows up in search results. The most beautiful website accessible on World Wide Web is useless when prospective customers are unable to find it.

Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo use web crawlers to browse websites for content, indexation and hyperlinks. If you’re not certain what it means, the good news is a professional web designer is able to do it.

Simply put, a web crawler will scan or skim your web page. Web crawlers are looking for information that is text-based first and first. Your web page must have clearly written, simple text explaining the content you offer.

A skilled designer SEO and design can boost your website’s chances of being prominently in search engine page results. The closer you get to being within the initial page results, the more opportunities you have to attract and keep your potential customers in mind.

9. Competitive Advantage

If you hire a professional web designer instead of trying to build your website yourself You gain an edge over competitors in the form of a professional and properly functioning website. Professional web designers adhere to a set of guidelines that allows them to create websites that meet your business objectives.

In reality, many small-scale business owners attempt to put together their sites to save money. The problem is that they don’t have knowledge of this and it’s obvious.

A professionally designed website will outdo the online offerings of your competitors. A professional website or online store will allow you to stay ahead of the pack and make your mark in the crowd of digital advertisements.

A professional web designer can also design and develop more advanced features and functionality. This skill is beyond the skills of most business owners. In other words, a professional web designer can assist you increase your profits without lifting a a finger to make this happen.

10. Dependable Design

Another reason to seek the help of a professional website designer? In 2023 , it’s crucial that you have a stable steady, reliable, and trusted online presence for your company. And that makes DIY web design a bad idea.

The biggest risk when creating your own website is that something could happen to be out of order. Maybe it will only amount to the absence of an image or misaligned text. What happens if your site fails? Are you aware of what to do?

The process of fixing issues with websites is time-consuming and costly. As an example, you might spend hundreds of dollars for assistance with your website in an emergency and waste valuable time waiting for someone to resolve the issues you created.

You can get rid of all this by hiring a professional web developer to create your site and ensure it’s fully functional.

Managing a business is already stressful. Do not add stress by putting pressure on yourself to manage your website. Let a professional web designer take care of this element of your business so you can focus on doing the things you excel at — running your business or product brand.

11. Fast loading website

Most annoying experiences that a web user could encounter is trying to navigate a slow site. In 2023, visitors are expecting websites to load in three seconds or less. Since 2018 speed of loading pages is also a key Google indexing factor.

A slow-loading website will cause you to lose potential site users and visibility. These issues will cost you countless potentially promising business opportunities.

Websites that load slowly cost retailers $2.6 billion of lost revenue each year. InVision

A lot of websites, particularly those with low-cost or fee templates, aren’t designed to run effectively. Most, if not all, are stuffed with code and outdated design elements or functionality that drag down the site’s performance.

Your website doesn’t need to be among them. A professional web designer will make a website with an improved speed of loading pages.

It is the most important stage in creating a trustworthy website and meeting your target audience’s user expectations.

12. Time Savings

Perhaps one of the top advantages of hiring a professional web designer is that this can save you time during your workday. Let’s face it time is money.

Your designer could offer you an online quote system as well as a form for scheduling appointments or a contact page which eliminates the requirement of booking appointments by phone.

A more efficiently run business can generate more income and thus a healthier bottom line in the end.

13. Cohesive Online Presence

Finally, professional web designers ensure that your site is cohesive. Web design is not only about the way your website appears. Web design is about how it integrates various digital marketing elements — including design, SEO content, and social media together into a unified entire.

Concentrating too much on one area can cause your site appear unorganized and could affect your SEO rankings and page load speed.

Don’t forget, you’re not designing your business website or an e-commerce site for you. You are creating your online presence in order to reach people, make them feel engaged, and ultimately turn your targeted audience into customers. Recognizing that as the main goal is one of the advantages of hiring a professional web designer.

Why Should You Hire a professional web designer?

Because of the technological advancements which continue to take place in the field of web design web sites today aren’t as they were years ago.

Considering that your website is such a crucial business marketing tool, it only makes sense to hire a professional web designer. A professional will ensure that your website’s online presence functions effectively in the digital world.

Web design is rarely straightforward. Eye-catching designs help. In accordance with Brain Rules, information paired with pictures creates a lasting impression. Users are more likely by 65% to retain information stored by images for at least three days.

However, web design is about more than the look of your website! Get advice from experts today about how to incorporate all the necessary web design elements — including text, visuals calls to action and the user interface as well as SEO, social media and marketing.

What’s next?

The best solution is to hire a professional web designer or agency help you. They are a living, breathing web design. Professional web designers are aware of the latest trends or whenever Google decides to alter their search algorithm.

A skilled web designer will not build a website only to let it sit in a corner for a while. Instead, they focus on the way your website can be the most effective way to meet your company’s goals. And that’s one of the major advantages of hiring a professional web designer. What are you waiting for? Why not try it out the benefits for yourself?

If you need help with professional web design , or have any questions regarding your online business site or store, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.