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The Importance of Feeling Appreciated at Work

The world of employee appreciation has seen a significant change over the past 20 years. This message is heard and appreciation, which is more frequently referred to as reward or recognition, is now a part of the vocabulary of all HR professionals. Employees have also to come to expect.

The importance of feeling appreciated

According to research conducted by Glassdoor the majority of employers believe they’d stay longer with their workplace in the event of more appreciated by their employer.

The act of appreciation doesn’t have to be a huge gesture. It’s a thing you must be aware of. When we’re overwhelmed or focussed on completing a task it’s easy to forget to be kind.

It’s easy to do, and everyone is sometimes guilty of not giving their employees enough time and attention. It’s normal and tolerable if it’s acknowledged.

Let’s say, for instance that an employee finishes the task and goes to the manager’s desk to share an update and at the time the manager only gives them an acknowledgment of a small amount due to the stress their manager is under.

There is no need to judge – it is a reality for everyone.

The problem is that the absence of acknowledgment can weaken the employees. This is a fixable issue! Contact the employee after taking the time to look over the job and then thank them for their hard work and provide the reasons behind your initial response.

If you’re an employee, manager or employers, remember that you’re human and it’s okay being human to your staff. They’ll actually be grateful for it.

The Effects of Appreciation

We’ve talked about the benefits of good communication as well as how important it is to be human however, today’s workers require more than just words. Your reward and recognition plan will boost the ability of your employees to perform, as long as it’s suitable for its intended purpose.

Eighty-three percent of workers believe they are more productive when they’re rewarded

Furthermore 55percent of workers believe that they are more involved in their job and with the company when their work is acknowledged.

It’s a market for job seekers and prospective employees will be scrutinising your employee value Proposition in deciding whether or not they want to take on a job. If you want to stand a possibility of attracting top talent, you have to provide more than an attractive pay.

What makes someone an ally?

Appreciation & Employee Recognition

It’s obvious that appreciation and acknowledgment are crucial in attracting, keeping, and motivating employees. there are a few ways to show your appreciation.

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Surprise & Delight

While a reward and appreciation strategy is crucial however, managers must be able to take a step out of the box and customize the experience for their employees. Bring coffee or pastries to an early morning briefing. Also, if you are having meetings that end before lunch go with your team to a local restaurant afterwards.

Small gestures of gratitude such as this aren’t costly but can help improve the morale of employees. It’s even possible in the case of teams working remotely. Just issue your employees with an eVoucher and they’ll be able to enjoy that coffee or dessert at a time that is convenient for them. time.

Make the most of National Days

From 13th to 19th the month of February marked Random Acts of Kindness Week which is the ideal opportunity to create a personal, unexpected spin on appreciation for employees.

Everyday Appreciation: End-toEnd Wellbeing

Employee appreciation doesn’t have to be just about recognition.

Your population is in an era of crisis due to the increasing cost of living having a negative impact on physical, mental and economic health. Employers must do more than they have ever before to ensure the health of their employees.

What better method to show your employees how much you value them than giving them essential support for their entire family?

Physical Well-being

42 percent of Britons have canceled their gym memberships due to increasing costs for household items. If you incorporate the Corporate Gym Membership into your employees benefits package, you will aid in making trips to the sauna, gym or pool more affordable.

You could also expand your wellness program by offering the option of an online Doctor service, which can speed up the process when you require medical assistance.

Mental Wellbeing

The wellbeing of your employees ought to be your top business priority. And taking good care of it can do more than simply express your gratitude.

A employee Assistance Programme is a lifeline for employees struggling from mental illness that allows them to talk with BACP-accredited counselors face-to-face via e-mail and telephone 24 hours per day and 365 days of the year. With The My Possible Self app included your employees will be able to access the assistance they require right at their fingers at any time they require it.

Financial Wellbeing

In the wake of 7.8 million Brits trying to cope with their rising expenses employers are increasing their efforts to increase the amount of money they pay.

There are many options to offer employees financial wellness benefits, like the Employee Discounts Platform and Household Support Card.

These products can help you save money and give your employees cashback on the essentials of life all day long.

Motivating Businesses through Appreciation

Employee appreciation should be practiced regularly by executives and managers integrating it into their values and culture.