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The value of brand awareness can’t be overemphasised

The ultimate champion of brand awareness is Coca-Cola. 94 percent of the world’s population recognizes their logo. It’s important to take your time and let it take in. Even the case that you’re not a big drinker of fizzy drinks You’ll need to acknowledge it’s impressive.
Coca-Cola doesn’t miss the chance to show you their logo – even if you’re aware that they’re there. Sure, Santa Claus, we’re talking about you.

The reason they are famous isn’t just to be famous but to demonstrate a successful plan for branding awareness that is well thought-out and executed. Anyone born recognize them and, if they’re thirsty they’ll go for the same drink they’ve seen everyone else drinking. Brand awareness is what brands do to individuals.

However, it’s not just Coca Cola It’s Kleenex, Velcro, iPad. What do I mean by tissue, hook-and-loop fasteners, and tablets? You may have forgotten or perhaps never thought of the proper names for these items.

And you’re not the only one. 77% of people relate to products by their brands, even though it’s another brand. If brands succeed in gaining awareness of their brand and track it their brand names are glued to the item they’re selling.
The importance of branding awareness cannot be overemphasized.

We’ve already discussed the ROI of brand recognition before however there are many additional benefits. A growing number of businesses are discovering that how important brand awareness is and neglected. If you concentrate on this in particular it will result in outcomes across the entire business , starting with your sales funnel to content marketing.
This is brand recognition.

Before we get into the advantages of having good brand recognition Let’s take a take a look at what it actually is. Brand awareness refers to how familiar the target market is to your company’s name, or the products or services you offer.

It’s multi-layered and complex, but we’ll get to it later. If someone can remember details about your brand, or even associate emotion with it, they are aware of the existence of your brand and its significance to them. This is important not to confuse it with brand recognition. It is the way that people are able to recognize your brand.

What are the reasons why Brand Awareness important?

The majority of people are aware of a brand when they shop. If that’s you then you’ll be capable of growing your business and increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns dramatically.

Brand recognition is the basis every marketing effort has to be based on from social media to SEO. It’s what will make the public aware of your brand’s name and the services you offer, so you will increase their trust as well as influence the decision making process in order to increase sales and sales more quickly.
What are the advantages from Brand Awareness?

Let’s explore some of the reasons that are specific, and backed by stats, of the need to build brand recognition.

Brand recognition is evident through the Google search results. If your brand is already known and people think about your brand, they’ll never look at “the the most comfy running shoes”. They’ll search for “Nike sneakers’. Good luck to all your competitors trying to get a position on the basis of that.

Brand recognition and share of search are linked. The year 2020 is the time to test this theory. Les Binet, a leader in the field of marketing effectiveness testified this theory across three industries that included energy, automobiles and mobile phones.

He discovered that the share of searches is related to market share across all three categories. The share of search increases? Market share comes in a couple of months after. The same applies to share of searches dropping.

It’s a long-term forecast however, it also has advantageous that having a low percent of the search market is an early sign of trouble in the coming days and you must alter your marketing strategies.

Return to brand awareness: A brand awareness program which focuses on getting your name in the minds and Google search bar of curious customers is a fantastic method to prepare your brand for the future.

It can help you improve your the perception of your brand.

Another important metric of health for brands is the perception of brands but it’s not identical to brand awareness. It doesn’t just focus on the number of people who know about you, and instead focuses on how they perceive your brand. This is what follows: may have lots of people know you, however, when none of them are a fan of your personality, the large number of people isn’t worth it.

If you think about it, before people form an opinion about you, they’ll have to get in touch with your company several times. This would allow you to have some time to build brand awareness and improving the brand’s perception you think? But not really.

In the process of creating brand recognition, you’re already making progress on your brand’s perception. First impressions count. If you’re looking to plan ahead, design campaign to build brand awareness with that in your mind.
It’s vital to establish trust.

The more people who are aware of your brand more likely it is to establish trust. This is not just because they don’t have to begin from scratch to know about your brand when you’re always in the forefront as well, but in addition, they’ll be able to consult their friends.

If family members, friends and colleagues are aware of your name it will be much easier for them to have confidence in your company.
It’s beneficial for lead development at the top of the funnel.

Do not get me wrong: the process of building brand awareness is not the same thing as generating leads. However, if you’re already creating leads and would like to take things up to the next level, consider the level of brand awareness.

The process of contacting leads that are high-quality becomes more straightforward If they’ve already heard from your company before. You don’t suddenly appear with the need to announce your business, your the products and services you offer, your values and fantastic deals in one go.
It will drive visitors to your site

Brand awareness campaigns that are well-designed will aid in generating organic website traffic. Branded Search is among the primary factors in measures of brand recognition.

In the end, you’ll need get past the initial awareness stage and make people think about purchasing from you. If you’re your first name that comes up when they’re looking to purchase something from your category and they’ll go to your website to check it out. This is the time to show your charisma and begin turning them into customers.