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What is Sustainable Marketing?

Sustainable marketing means to promote and showcase your brand whilst taking a sustainable approach and being mindful of the types of materials used and how those products can be used.

Many brands are making changing to packaging in a bid to be plastic free in the coming years, this is also part of a larger marketing campaign.

Sustainability can be looked at in different ways, it can be from the way a products used, the reusability, how much of a product can be recycled and of course looking at the types of material that are used.

Over the last few years, as a UK exhibition stand manufacturer, we’ve noticed the incline of eco-friendly display stands and accessories. It’s from businesses wanting to make better choices and to display their branding on a solution which is less harmful to the environment.

How can Go Display support with sustainable marketing?

If the types of materials used for your exhibition stands are a talking point, then an eco-friendly solution is going to serve your business well. Fibreboard and cardboard display solutions are the way forward as eco-friendly doesn’t mean one use and come supplied as a strong, multiuse product. Fibreboard exhibition stands and accessories are incredibly strong, as long as the products are stored flat in a dry environment, the panels and sections will stay in great condition.

The main focus of all exhibition stands is reusability, but with the eco-friendly ranges, it’s possible to recycle too. Whilst we urge you to use the panels as many times as you can to make the most out of your investment, it’s also possible to recycle at any time.

If eco-friendly materials isn’t the road you’d like to go down, or you’re not in the market for new display stands, take a look at the exhibition units you already have. By reusing an exhibition stand as many times as you can, this is still heading towards a positive end goal, as it hasn’t become a one use product that’s heading straight to landfill.

Even with products like the Pop Up Display Stand has high recyclability rates when you break down the components. The eco credentials aren’t as obvious visually but as long as you know as a business your making better choices for the environment, then you’re on the right track.