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Air Fryer Accessories You Actually Need

To fully utilize all the benefits and take your air fryer up to the next level, you’ll need an assortment of accessories for your air fryer. The major air fryer brands such as Cosori and Tower manufacture their own accessories. In addition on the high-street and on the internet, you will discover a wide range of accessories compatible with other brands like Ninja and a variety of different air fryers. You can expect to find racks to cook various foods as well as skewer racks, skewers cakes, muffins tart, doughnut and cake tins. There are also pie pans and trays trivets, tongs trivets, liners, and tongs similar to the tools you have in your kitchen, only smaller and in a format that will fit in an air fryer’s drawer basket, pot, or.

How do you make use of air fryer accessories

All accessories for air fryers can be utilized in the same manner as the larger models within the cooking area. For instance baking tins can be found with a metal finish and a range of vibrant silicone versions. The majority of utensils are heatproof with some like spatulas or tongs, able to withstand higher temperatures than the regular ones. Most are dishwasher-safe.

COSORI air fryer set of fryer accessories


Can meet the needs of most cooks.
Metal of good quality
This fits the majority of 5.5l air fryers from branded air fryers. BPA-free



The most effective accessory set to the test

We were awestruck by this set of accessories from Cosori. Its six pieces are multi-purpose and, even better it can be used with other 5.5-litre square or larger round air fryers.

There’s a cake tin pizza pan and a trivet made of metal that functions as a shelf in the air fryer so you can put ingredients on top to cook as well as six skewers, an egg bites mold that can be used to cook eggs in the Cosori cookbook although we also cooked yummy mini banana muffins using the mould.

Our favorite piece from the set of high-end quality was the rack and skewers. They are an extremely useful tool that we tried with halloumi cubes. They are great for fish, meat or even vegetables.

Cole as well as Mason oil mister


Nice looking
Size is not too big.
Great distribution of oil


Pumping every time

The best oil mister or spray

In addition to baking, food items that are cooked in an air fryer typically require a bit of oil. Therefore, instead of pouring the oil with a mister, it helps to evenly distribute oil, and it also saves dishes from washing, as food items can be coated with oil in the fryer instead of an additional bowl.

We enjoyed our Cole as well as the Mason mister, as its compact size is beautiful left on the counter or be able to fit neatly into drawers. It provides a great oil spray and can be useful in other cooking or salad dressing. The pump must be primed (pumped up) to ensure it is ready for use however, it’s a minor cost to pay for this useful tool.

ProCook’s stainless-steel chipper


Reduces the time spent cutting chips
It can be used to make other vegetable recipes.
Two sizes of chips are available


A bit awkward changing the blade

Best potato chipper on test

If you’re a fan of chips then a chipper will make quick job of getting them into the air fryer in a short time and uniformly cut, regardless of whether they are regular sweet potatoes, or derived from other vegetables.

The robust stainless steel chipper is able to sit well on top of the worktop thanks to suction cups at the base, so even the biggest of potato can be cut with any effort. The secret to the machine is the uniformity of the cut. This is definitely a benefit when making use of an air fryer to ensure evenly cooked and vibrant colour. There are two knives for fat or skinny fries. Switching the blades may be difficult initially, but it becomes much simpler. We think it’s a fantastic accessory if you are a fan of chips.

Zyliss Easy Lift Turner silicone spatula


Edge tapered for turning delicate food items
Can withstand temperatures up to 240C.



The most efficient silicone spatula to use with air fryers

If we believed that all turners are equal and all turners were equal, we were wrong. From the outside, this gorgeous one by Zyliss is like the rest however, when you use it you will quickly understand the reason it’s known as an easy Lift. The spatula’s head is precisely angled and curved, making it extremely flexible.

It wasn’t specifically designed for use with an air fryer, however it can be used with an air fryer. We noticed that the handle’s long length prevented fingers from touching hot air fryer compartments, and the curvature that angled let the spatula slide effortlessly under the food items in the drawer. It was used to flip chicken bites and chips, and also scooped saute potatoes easily and quickly. It’s an essential item for any air fryer, as well as for cooking in the regular way.

Coleeson reusable silicone air fryer liner


100% food-safe silicone
Handles that make lifting easy


A fractionally longer cooking time is possible with the liner

Best reusable liner

A liner that can be reused to an air-fryer can be a valuable accessory because they make the fryer easier to clean. It will take no longer to wash under hot water than to tear up an old paper one and dump it into the garbage. We also loved this one because of its vibrant color and long handlesthat help to lift the liner out of the drawer.

We tried the liner on some fat chips that were sprayed with a small amount of oil. The liner chips took a few minutes longer than they did without but the outcome was similar for both. Both had crisp, golden chips that had an incredibly soft middle.

Kochblume gourmet tongs


Steel core made of stainless steel for extra strength
The resistance to heat can be as high as 260degC.
BPA free


There’s no clip to close the tongs

Best kitchen tongs

For certain foods that are prepared in the air fryer, tongs are better sense than turning device or spatula. We enjoyed these from Kuhn Rikon’s Kochblume collection. They come in an amazing variety of vibrant colours and are made of stainless steel beneath the silicon exterior, which makes extremely durable. Additionally they can stand temperatures as high as 260C.

They were used to place sausages in the fryer, while cooking, to turn them around and finally when they are sticky and hot they can be lifted out (after washing them with a little). The tongs are comfortable to hold and feel safe in the hands and when handling food items.

Kochblume kitchen spoon


Long handle
A carefully shaped spoon that can reach the corners
It is heat resistant to 260degC.
BPA free



Best kitchen spoon

The reasons we love the tongs that are gourmet from Kuhn Rikon apply here to this beautiful white kitchen knife from their Kochblume range. They are heat-resistant up to 260C, a stainless steel interior, stunning colors for any kitchen and more. There’s also a handy hole to hang it.

What stood apart as a dish however, was the shape of the bowl, because it is very deep and well turned to the front making it easy to get everywhere in a fryer’s drawer. We used the spoon for stirring food in safe manner when cooking, making cakes in the fryer, to fill up the container, and for scooping up items from the fryer like chicken bites or thin fries.

Tower air fryer accessories baking set


Everything you require to bake is in one box
Food-safe silicone
Fits compatible models



The best baking set

A great feature of air fryers is that they’re perfect for both sweet and savory baking. We were awestruck by the Tower 17-piece baking set because it’s a complete and beautiful baking kit that can cover all bases. This set is made to fit Tower air fryers that are 11-litres, but it will work with other models with similar sizes fryers, round or square. They are of high quality. However, make sure you check the specifications before purchasing.

The bread, cake, and pizza tins have non-stick while the silicon pieces are food-safe. All of the items are dishwasher-safe. We were thrilled by our banana muffins, with raspberries added and the pizza pan is ideal for warming food, and our apple cake made with gluten-free flour was perfect.

A digital thermometer that reads thermometers instantaneously


Professional quality
Easy to read and precise
It is possible to read it from any angle



The most accurate food thermometer

As with baking and cooking It is recommended to make sure that food is properly cooked, therefore it is crucial to have a reliable thermometer. Thermapen is a tool used by chefs and cooks who are professionals however it is also useful for kitchens at home due to its precision.

The temperature can be measured from any angle and the small probe was found to be ideal to test food items inside the oven fryer. It easily fits into tight spaces and is able to hold well, particularly when trying small food items like chicken bites or halloumi-skewers.

The casing is coated with soft silicone to protect it and keep food from settling within the crevices. Additionally, it’s cleaned with antimicrobial technology in order to prevent the growth of bacterial which makes it completely secure to utilize.

Ninja silicone mitts


Use in conjunction with any air fryer
Easy to clean


Not great for large hands

Best oven mitts

A must-have item for all air fryer owners is oven gloves. However, the standard kitchen ones aren’t suitable while cooking with the air-fryer. But these silicone mitts from Ninja are extremely heat-resistant yet flexible and thick enough to allow you to remove steaming air fryer pots tray trays, etc. all.

A gorgeous deep ridged inside allows you to grip hot handles and hot trays without the fear of sliding. The only issue we have with the gloves is that they’re rather small, which is fine for smaller hands to medium ones however large hands will likely not be able to wear the mitts.
What should you consider when purchasing air fryer equipment

Before purchasing any equipment for an air fryer, make sure whether they are compatible with the type of machine you have such as square, round small, large etc. A lot of accessories work across brands.
Accessories are often better value in an entire set rather than purchased individually. Find out what’s included, and make sure you get all the items included for the best price.
Verify that any silicone-based equipment is safe for food and is suitable for use at high temperatures.
If possible, purchase recycled equipment to ensure sustainable development.

We tested the air fryer accessories

We tried each item with different recipes suitable for its usage. Cake and muffins to bake accessories – air-fried chips thin and thick, chip alternatives, chopping them and turning them into the fryer, liftingthem; fries coated in oil Skewers and tiny pieces of crisp coated chicken testing trays as well as testing thermometers.

We searched for the following:

The build and quality of the item and its suitability for use for air-frying, particularly in the hot areas of fryers.
The resistance to heat and security when making use of.
The long-term sustainability of the accessory is that it can be reused, and of a quality that can be used repeatedly and suitable for the purpose.
Where else might the device be used , such as in baking, cooking or air cooking?
How easy is it to wash? Are they dishwasher safe?
How simple is it to store?

What is the food you can cook in an air fryer equipped with accessories?

The range of options for cooking with an air fryer goes far beyond the simple cooking of excellent chips. There are various accessories that can help cook a variety of dishes faster and healthier with the air fryer. Foods typically deep-fried baking that is sweet and savoury as well as fish, meats and even vegetables which are usually cooked in conventional ovens. Foods can also be prepared by freezing them on racks or tray accessories or kebabs skewers. There are also dishes with special racks for heating leftover food items as well. Air fryers can make dehydrating of fruits and vegetables with the perforated sheet or racks. They can even cook whole ducks or chickens with an appropriate spit accessory.