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Are All Trailer Hitch Locks the Same?

What is a trailer hitch Lock?

A hitch lock (sometimes called”trailer lock”) “trailer lock”) can allow the trailer to be tied to an automobile in a manner that is designed to stop theft. A sturdy, high-quality hitch lock can stop potential thieves from taking a trailer away from the vehicle or moving a trailer that is disconnected onto a vehicle for the purpose of taking the trailer. (More on this subject in one minute.)

The best hitch lock will stop anyone without an access key from disconnecting the trailer by removing the receiver from the hitch or leaving with the detached trailer.

Apart from preventing theft There are plenty of advantages to having a quality tow hitch locks.

Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons to utilize one.

Can I secure on a trailer that is not connected?

A quality trailer hitch lock can be used for locking down a trailer even when it’s not in active connection to the vehicle. This stops thieves from connecting another vehicle to the trailer, and then driving away using it.

Very difficult to unlock without an Key

High-end locking mechanisms for the trailer are extremely difficult to crack or open without a key, making it difficult for potential thieves to gain access. This is, naturally the most important feature (sorry! LOL) in these vital devices.

Discourages the possibility of thieves

The majority of potential thieves will identify a quality hitch lock. It could be the only thing they require to consider rethinking their plans to steal your trailer.

Can Save a Large amount of money

If potential thieves are dissuaded from trying for entry into the trailer and take it away, this means that they won’t trying to break the lock, causing damage to the lock or hitch. Even more, they may succeed in destroying your trailer.

It’s crucial to do all you can to stop potential thieves from identifying your trailer as an easy for them to attack. A high-quality trailer hitch lock will not break the budget.

Even the possibility that someone tries to gain entry and your hitch lock stops theft of the trailer you’ve helped yourself save thousands dollars.

Peace of Mind

With a high-quality locking device for your trailer, ensure that your trailer is secure to your vehicle to be tow, and is more secure from the theft.

Increased Safety While Towing

If you’re towing a trailer and your car and trailer are extremely crucial.

A top-quality hitch lock provides an additional layer of protection while your trailer or vehicle are moving along the road.

Are all trailer Hitch Locks the same?

No. There are a variety of hitch locks to choose from and the best part is that, as important as they are they’re not usually very costly (especially when compared to the worth that your truck has)!

Let’s look at the different types of hitch locks briefly. We’ll provide an example for each at the end of the article for each kind of lock.

Later on in the article we’ll include a brief section that will point you to a variety of the top trailer hitch lock on market in the present.

Locking the Receiver Hitch for Locking

It is likely that the trailer towing vehicle is equipped with receiver holes which extend above the ball mount to the vehicle that is towing. (For additional information you can learn all about the specifications for trailer hitches). A receiver lock is inserted through the holes in the receiver on the vehicle to be tow.

Locks for receivers have steel pins, with locks at both ends. (Some lock locks for receivers feature two locks while some have only one lock, with an arc on one side to prevent it from breaking through the other side.)

This is an example of a hitch for a receiver lock:

Lock Latch Pin

A latch pin lock stops the hitch latch on your trailer from being lifted, and connected to a vehicle that is not your own.

The trailer hitch lock slips into the latch and locks in place. It also gives you extra security while you’re towing your trailer.

This is an illustration of the latch pin lock.

Hitch Pin Lock

When the hitch is in contact with the frame of your car, there is an attachment. A locking pin for the hitch works by sliding inside the fastener to prevent the hitch from being removed by the car.

Here’s an illustration of a hitch pin lock:

Coupler Hitch Lock

If you’ve seen the U-lock used for bicycles and you be able to recognize that lock for trailers that you use for your hitch that is similar in appearance.

The universal lock typically includes a ball at the top. This ball can be inserted into the tongue of the hitch. The bar is then placed on the top of the tongue and joins both sides of the base of the lock.

The best thing about this kind of hitch is the fact that it gives safety even if your trailer isn’t linked to the tow vehicle.

What to look for in the trailer Hitch Lock

There are many aspects you should consider when choosing an hitch lock.

Below are a few questions you’ll need to keep in your head:

Does the lock for your hitch work with the trailer hitch?

Certain types of hitch locks are available in various sizes and distinct weight capacities. It’s crucial to know before purchasing one.

What is the Hitch Made of?

The longevity of any type of lock is crucial. This is true especially for locks that are designed to be exposed to elements and the harshness on the roads.

The best hitch locks made from steel are usually coated with an anti-corrosion coating that protects them from corrosion.

What type of locking mechanism is used?

A few locks are vulnerable of being picked by right tools or even broken. The lock for your trailer hitch is much more secure when it has a sturdy or intricate locking mechanism.

Do you think the lock is obvious for Potential Thieves?

A lot of manufacturers apply the bright color of their lock for their trailers in order to deliberately draw attention to the fact that they have a high-quality lock on the premises. The purpose behind this is to stop potential thieves from messing the hitch.

Does the lock have an Almost Universal Fit?

If you plan to utilize your lock on multiple trailers You might want to think about the universal latch lock.

Latch pin locks as well as coupler hitch locks are generally an easier fit and are often utilized on a variety of trailers.
What are the Top Trailer Hitch Locks There are many options available.

Let’s have a look at the top-rated hitch locks for sale in the present.

Reese Towpower Heavy Coupler Lock for Heavy Duty

It is the Reese Towpower is an example of the trailer hitch lock which has universal fitting. It works with all couplers, and can be locked in 11 different positions.

While it will fit all couplers this lock will fit trailers with a length of 1 7/8, 2 as well as 2 and 5/16.

It includes two security square keys, and is coated with bright silver to increase visibility.

Note: This kind of hitch lock protects the trailer, even when it’s not towing.

Master Lock Universal Coupler Trailer Lock

The universal lock for couplers works with most trailer couplers with dimensions of 1 7/8″ 2, and 2 5/16 1 7/8”, 2”, and 2 5/16”..

The lock for the trailer hitch is resistant to corrosion and rust and features an appealing red finish for the best visibility. It also comes with an sophisticated locking mechanism, which is made to resist being picked.

With more than 13,000 positive reviews on Amazon with a majority of them positive and we decided to include it.

REESE Towpower 72783 Coupler Lock

This lock by Reese is constructed of high-quality steel. It is bright yellow to increase the best visibility.

It provides adjustable security for storage It also has a universal security design and is adjustable by 11 locking positions.

This lock can be used with couplers that measure 1 7/8′ 2” and 2 5/16 inches. It’s simple to install, but it’s difficult to pick and drill out.

CURT 23518 Black Trailer Hitch Pin Lock

The pin lock on this hitch will fit almost any 2-inch two-inch receiver. The pin’s dimensions are 5/8” and can fit into a 5/8”-sized hole and comes with 2.85 millimeters of pin length that is usable. (Note that the lock isn’t compatible to double walled receiver tubes.)

The lock is water-resistant and has the dust cap which keeps the internal components safe. The lock itself is the durability of a powder-coated, anti-corrosion finish.

Two keys are provided and 1/4 turn unlocks the lock making it easy to make use of.

Master Lock 377DAT Trailer Hitch Lock

The lock is constructed of zinc in order to limit corrosion due to rust. It comes with front access and three different positions. The installation is easy.

This lock is compatible with the majority of couplers that measure 1 7/8″ 2, as well as 2 5/16”. It features a sophisticated locking mechanism that further discourages theft.

Important Information About Locks on Trailer Hitch for Hitch.

It’s important to mention that a lot of trailer hitch locks are accessible by anyone with the same lock as well as keys that unlock the lock. The keys for their lock can open the lock on your trailer.

This is a crucial piece of information you could be interested in further researching by reading reviews prior to buying.

The locks we’ve listed in this article have plenty of favorable reviews, providing the user plenty of material to look through.