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Heated Blankets: Pros vs Cons

If you’re in search of an entirely new method to keep warm and rest better consider heated blankets. They make use of electrical wiring to give you the best comfort and warmth. When connected to an outlet for power, heating is distributed throughout the blanket, creating warmth across. They are also large, meaning you can wrap them around your entire body. This is especially true when you own a huge one!

Are you unsure of which kind that heated blanket will be the best for you? This article will provide a detailed breakdown of the advantages and disadvantages of having one.

Benefits of a heated throw blanket

A heated blanket can help to get a more restful night’s rest, but it can also serve other important reasons. These blankets can assist people who are suffering from physical pain by increasing blood flow throughout the body, which helps ease tightness and aches. They’re also environmentally-friendly, meaning you’ll likely have less of a need to turn up the heat in your home, even if not a direct replacement for a thermostat.

They are also transportable and can be temperature controlled, and come in a range of sizes and fabrics. In addition the temperature of a heated blanket will remain stable while you sleep, preventing any sleep-related disturbances due to temperatures that fluctuate within your home.

The possible negatives

While heated blankets are as comfortable as they may be, they are not a magical solution for your sleep. One reason is that these types of blankets cannot be washed. Because they are electric and electricity and water do not mix, they can’t be dragged through a machine to wash them or otherwise they will not be able to continue to work.

If you use them incorrectly or letting pets play with them can be a cause of harm. It is also not recommended to keep them in place for too long as heated blankets pose an encroachment on your home’s fire safety, provided they don’t come with an automatic switch to turn off or on. It’s possible to be burned by these blankets and consequently, they aren’t advised if you’re expecting because of the possibility of miscarriage.

Things to consider before you purchase

Finding the right electric blanket for you is dependent upon your spending budget, preference for size and whether it’s made of the appropriate material (wool or cotton are a few examples). You may also choose among a wide range of colors and designs to personalize it more. If the electric blanket doesn’t work to you, then a smaller or larger heating pad is a good alternative. The one that is worn beneath either behind or in the middle of your back. It is smallerand particularly beneficial for people who suffer from different types of pain and injuries.

Be aware that electric blankets do not work well with couches because they risk burning the fabric. Be sure that the blanket isn’t damaging electrically to your mattress for instance, if you sleep on a bed with a water mattress. When you’re using heating pads placing it placed on a mattress is also a risk since foam is affected by heating. Also, keep in mind that older models of electric blankets typically had bigger wires while the latest models are more compact in comparison, making them less likely to cause fire.