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Why Do People In the UK Buy American Sweets?

The UK is known for its chocolate and with top brands like Cadburys and Galaxy It’s simple to understand why we adore our chocolate. In a country with a variety of sweets for every craving, it’s not surprising that people would pay more for treats that come from abroad. In this article we’ll discuss the reasons American sweets are so popular.

Why do people buy American Products?

If you walk into the largest supermarkets in America it is almost certain there’s an unassuming shelf that is filled with foods that comes from USA. Everything from Pop-Tarts to Reeses as a country we love the sweets of our most trusted allies.

It’s not surprising that America has a lot more options over the UK. For instance, both countries sell Monster drink energy, however unlike the UK has a couple of flavours to pick from while the US has more than 27.

People are awed by the variety and US products meet that need. There’s a wide selection of chocolate, sweets cookies and cakes to pick from. Additionally, the high sugar foods can boost energy levels. Sugar triggers dopamine hormone, which causes a positive mood.

While it’s not advisable to consume sugary snacks throughout the day However, a treat on occasion will not hurt. The majority of people view American sweets as a luxurious sweet, which is why they’re ideal for gifts during the holidays.

In certain instances it’s because a food item exclusive to America is a popular household item. For instance, even though there is peanut butter available in England but it doesn’t have the rich flavours that are that are associated with brands like Reeces.

To appreciate why we enjoy American sweets, we have to look at their most popular sweets with those we have.

The Chocolate

Within the UK, Dairy Milk is the most loved chocolate bar, just like Hershey’s within the USA. Let’s take a look at the distinctions between both.

Dairy Milk vs Hershey’s

It is without doubt that Dairy Milk is the UK’s most popular chocolate. Both adults and kids love it since there are numerous flavors available. It is a no-brainer that the chocolate is made up of a great deal of milk, which provides it with a rich flavor and smooth texture.

The classic dairy milk bar is made of simple chocolate blocks that concentrate on texture, not offering a variety of delicious flavor combinations. However, you can find fruit, nut and nuts versions of the creamy sweet treat.

Hershey’s is America’s most renowned candy bar There are many divergent opinions on its taste. America has less stringent regulations regarding the minimum amount of cocoa, every chocolate bar should have it Hersey’s has only 10 percent cocoa.

For a lot of people, the lower cocoa content can affect the flavor, but Hershey’s provides unique flavors like cookies and cream.

The main difference

Although a lot of consumers (including Americans) prefer British chocolate, there’s a significant difference that could explain why certain people might prefer Hershey’s chocolate instead of Dairy Milk.


The typical chocolate bar from British chocolate is focused more on cocoa rather than sugar, and provides the creamy, rich taste of the form of Dairy Milk or Galaxy. But Hershey’s chocolates contain lower levels of cocoa, and higher amounts of sugar so they are sweeter tasting that some consumers like.

America is famous for its wide variety of high-sugar snacks, and for those who have a sweet tooth Hershey’s is an obvious option.

The Sweets

In terms of sweets when it comes to sweets, both the USA and UK are full of sugary delights. But we have to leave the credit to our foreign counterparts as they are able to make delicious sweets. Let’s look at the most popular sweet offerings.

Boiled Sweets

If you were born in the UK and the United Kingdom, then you’re very familiar with the variety of sweets that are boiled. Our parents and grandparents loved classic flavors, and they continue to are available in the present. The most loved British sweets boiled are:

Aniseed Balls
Mint Humbugs
Lemon Sherbets
Banana & Custard
Barley Sugars
Clove Balls

There are numerous flavors to pick from as well as sugar-free varieties for those suffering from diabetes.

American Hard Candy

While the traditional sweets in boiled contain UK flavors, American Hard Candy is unique in its own way. The sweets are based on classic childhood foods that include grapes cherries, lemons, cherries as well as cinnamon, cola and root beer.

Instead of the larger sweets that are in the jar, you’ll find tiny pieces of candy that typically is packaged in a box. Some of America’s most well-known hard candies are the bottle caps. They are tiny sugary circles as well as gobstoppers.

UK Soft Sweets

Soft sweets range from candies made with foam to fruity chews. Both countries have a wide selection of sweets that are soft However, the UK is renowned for its ‘pick and mix selections.

There are many options for milk bottles with foam shrimps and bananas as well as fizzy Coca-Cola bottles. Soft sweets are a favorite among people from the UK due to their subtle flavorings and their consistency.

American Soft Sweets

A sought-after alternatives among American sugary treats is gum. The country has bizarre and delicious flavors of bubblegum such as grape, watermelon, raspberry and cinnamon. However, there are plenty of other choices, including popping candy and fruit gums.

Popcorn candy is available in a range of flavors and is particularly loved by children. Two of the most well-known kinds are cotton and bubblegum candy, both of which are common across the USA.

Two of the biggest exports to in the US is Twizzlers as well as Red Vines. Twizzlers and Red Vines are both thicker and twisty versions of the British strawberry laces. Twizzlers and Red Vines are available with a variety of flavors.

Do American sweets have a chance To Stay?

It’s difficult to decide if UK and USA sweets are superior because it’s all down to individual preferences. Humans are always looking for new experiences. Foods from different countries will continue to be a hit.

As people in the US love English desserts, Americans also look for American sweets as they are something different and interesting. It is logical for entrepreneurs to store various sweets in their shops, particularly during holidays.

A lot of people prefer to give American sweets UK as gifts due to the fact that they’re distinctive and unique. With so many amazing choices to pick from you’ll be able to create an effective company and expect the long-term benefits.