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Advantages of a musical theatre dance workshop

A musical theater is type of performing that incorporates dance, singing, and drama. We frequently offer educational workshops in musical theatre for schools. Our workshops in musical theatre are a hit with students each time, and we’ve got more exciting news! The advantages of workshops in musical theatre are numerous, which means the child and even you, can reap significant advantages in your confidence, problem solving skills, and imagination! Find out five advantages of theatre classes.

1. Self-confidence is improved

In the beginning, musical theatre workshops can force students to step outside of their comfort zone. Being with the group may make students come to the surface, thus increasing their self-confidence. Additionally, they might find a talent they never knew existed for dancing, acting or drama that they did not know existed. In addition, getting over initial anxiety and enjoying the experience will give them confidence to take on new things they had previously afraid of.

2. Problem solving skills

Drama students must communicate the who the who, the what, where, when and the reason behind a particular scene. Improvisation helps develop rapid thinking and problem solving and also allows students to be imaginative and think out of the box. This is a way to create a new activity for students, as they are able to express themselves. The quick thinking and creative skills help students become more adaptable later in life.

3. Trust and teamwork

Students must be part of a team during a musical theatre dance workshop. The social interactions and the playing with risk in the drama program build confidence in oneself, others and the process. The group work can foster friendships and build teamwork as an part of the workshop.

4. Social Awareness

Poetry, legends, myths or stories that are used in drama classes teach students about conflicts and social issues in cultures of the past, present, and throughout the globe. Students study the context of the piece or scene they perform, in their turn, they learn about society and its cultural context. The act of reenacting scenes from various contexts, times and cultures encourages compassion and understanding for other people.

5. Fun

Students always have fun in our musical theatre classes Sometimes, they even they decide to pursue a career in the musical theatre on their own. Students having fun and having fun are the main focus of our workshops which in turn boosts motivation at school and helps reduce stress.

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