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History of the High Street Betting Shop

The betting shops on the high streets is the foundation for the industry of betting in the UK since the time it was made legal in the 60’s early on, and without them, the online world of betting wouldn’t be the way it is now. Many people felt that the bookies were not just a place to place bets, but an opportunity to make people and also a gathering spot. If you were looking to place bets (legally), bookmakers near me was your best bet.

The history of the High Street Betting Shop

The first high-street betting establishments opened in the year 1961. This happened after Harold Macmillan passed a law to allow betting shops to operate to combat the numerous illegal gambling establishments across the country.

The market exploded, with 10,000 establishments within the first six months, and the market was growing within a short amount of time. At the height, about 16,000 betting shops on the high street were found across the UK however, the advent internet-based betting saw the number fall to nearly half and continues to fall.

While bookmakers on the high street may be in decline but it’s not a fair assessment of the business as a whole. In 2009, the UK economy entered a recession, with many high-street shops closing and town centres are at risk of turning into ghost towns. While this definitely had an adverse effect on the bookshops in high streets however, in a way it provided them with an opportunity to rest. To help revive high streets , the government permitted bookmakers to live in vacant buildings for up to 2 years, without the need for planning permission. While it’s a temporary solution is a good idea, it opens the way for the high bookmaker to take back the high streets of Britain.

High Street Bookmaker Distribution and Density

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that there’s an association between the locations of book stores and those with low levels of employment, high benefits and a lower income levels. Bookmakers are attracted to these areas since they know they’re likely to draw a larger amount of customers to their shops.

This is evident in the fact that the whole area of Tyneside is home to more bookmakers per hectare than the entire area of London and many of its boroughs around it, and a main street in Newham has the highest number of bookmakers on one street in the UK between 18 and. In the city’s or other wealthy areas, bookmakers tend to be less plentiful.

Are High Street Bookies Still Have A Role In Modern Day Betting?

The statistics certainly indicate that they aren’t. A drop in the number of high-street bookmakers by nearly 50 percent from their peak and an economy that is not showing any signs of recovery in the near future certainly do not aid the cause. The growing popularity of online betting websites is likely to be another nail to the coffin.

There’s no need to worry about doom and doom for punters, however, online betting websites are so easy to access as you can bet from any location in the world with the click of an electronic button. This also means that bookmakers can cut their expenses since they do not have to cover for the maintenance of numerous shops. The idea is that this will trickle into their betting websites which can provide better odds and more lucrative betting promotions, which in turn helps the gamblers.

In conclusion, it isn’t looking good for the big book publishers on the high street. This is a market – just one of many – that’s experiencing major shifts. On the other hand however betting is likely to be experiencing its largest increase since the advent of betting shops and is in the middle of the next stage of the growth of bookmaking as we are used to it.

Then, why do People Bet Continually In High-Street Bookies?

We all remember the time when the only location you could bet, aside from at the racecourse, was the local bookmakers on the high street. Since the advent of online betting, a lot of gamblers prefer betting at home or while out and about because of mobile technology which raises the question of why people is still betting on bookmakers in high-street shops?

How to hide your betting from your Partner

There’s no denying the fact that a lot of couples don’t want their spouses to bet, which is why they force the type of gambler to go to the bookies on the high street, where they’re usually left out of bonuses or a variety of other benefits that bookmakers offer customers who are online. If you’re betting on the high street, you should consider following the tips of one or more of the most successful Betting Gods’ tippers, since it will put funds in your account in the long run – and put smiles at your partner’s smile.

Friendly Banter

If you’re among the people who would rather go to the local bar to have a drink and chat with friends instead of staying at home and drinking and then a day at the bookshops could have the same attraction. While online betting offers many more possibilities, having a day of betting at the bookies can be a fantastic opportunity to spend time with your friends, particularly when there’s a bar adjacent to you.

Preparing Prices Early

Sometimes, a visit to the bookshop is worthwhile because it’s usually easier to find an early rate at some of the major high-street book stores. William Hill are often the most generous of them and will often keep the cost of a horse for a specified amount of time in order to allow customers to bet. Certain limits could apply, however there’s no reason to prevent betting on your favorite horse online or at the bookies.

Accounts Closing

If you ask the most professional punters for their reasons for betting at bookies that are a high-street chain The most frequent response will be that they’ve experienced an online account shut down because it was too successful, yet they would like to have the best odds and nothing is too much for a professional punter!

Spreading the Load

If you’re a winning punter on your own, or you’re a winner because of one or more tipsters from the Betting Gods tipsters, it’s generally a good idea to divide your bets among bookies. Making smaller bets in more bookies will mean that your achievements is often not noticed, and will reduce the chance of having limits placed on your account, or even having them closed completely. High street bookies are always worth a look in this manner.