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Advantages of Food Delivery Companies

Food delivery websites are gaining popularity. Learn the reasons behind why mobile apps for food ordering like Just Eat or Deliveroo are extremely well-known across the UK.

What is the reason why Do Food Delivery Companies Like Just Eat Or Deliveroo Are Getting So popular

The market for food delivery has been growing at a rapid pace in recent years.

The busy lifestyle of UK inhabitants has led to the development of food apps like Just Eat and Deliveroo.

Just Eat generated £4.4 billion in 2021. Deliveroo reported a total of £1.79 billion. Deliveroo announced an estimated GTV (GTV) that was £1.79 billion in the first quarter of 2022.

This article will explain why companies that deliver food such as Just Eat and Deliveroo have gained so much popularity.

We must first understand how apps for food delivery work.

What exactly are Food Delivery Companies?

Food delivery companies let customers place orders for their favorite food items from nearby eateries listed on their web portals as well as mobile apps.
Food delivery marketplaces do not have their own kitchens. Instead, they work with various restaurants and act as facilitators between restaurant and the consumers to allow commercial transactions to take place.

How Do Food Distribution Business Work?

In essence the majority of food distribution apps use a standard delivery model like this:

Food ordering online systems work with local restaurants, and also create their own databases.
If your app is notified that they have received an order, your restaurant instantly receives the notification.
The order is accepted, and the home delivery service is provided along with the driver’s contact information, as well as the contact information to the drop-off address indicated.
Every time an update is made about the order is sent to the client via the app.
The restaurant offers a pre-determined commission for each order made via the app or on the website.
Once the delivery has been completed and the payment has been received and the order is completed.
The app allows restaurants to promote their business on the site or in the app in order to bring more customers.
Any issue that arises with the purchase will be handled by the app’s support team.

Benefits of Food Delivery Companies

Companies such as Just Eat and Deliveroo fulfil the needs of restaurants as well as the customers.

They solve the problem that food establishments and the consumers are facing with the use of a well-structured delivery system.

Here are the most significant advantages provided by the Food delivery services:

1- Manages Demand

If there is a spike of food delivery orders usually restaurants are forced to stop orders due to a shortage of food delivery companies.

Thus, customers can’t get their favourite food from the restaurants they prefer.

Food delivery apps boast strong delivery managers and the necessary software to fulfill the need for food deliveries.

In the end, restaurants are able to accept the highest number of orders to meet the demands of their customers.

  1. Provides access to a variety of food items in One Place

The most popular Food delivery websites that work with hundreds of restaurants across every location.

Thus, they offer diverse takeaways menu of different restaurants that sell different food products.

With an array of food options, restaurants and deals, customers can select various meals on one platform.

So, customers do not have to go to the websites of each restaurant in order to place an order.

33 Builds trust and Saves Time

Food delivery apps that are popular ensure that food items are delivered to the specified location within the specified timeframe.

It creates trust among customers, and they are more likely to return for more orders. In turn restaurants gain confidence to fulfill more orders.

4 Attracts More Customers

Food delivery apps draw more patrons for restaurants as they can look over and select the food they prefer.

Furthermore, food delivery companies frequently run regular advertising campaigns that provide discounts and specials on each purchase. Customers often get attracted by these promotions, which can lead to increased sales.

After you’ve figured out the benefits of food delivery services, let us examine the unique features which made Just Eat and Deliveroo the most popular food apps.

How did Eat and Deliveroo How did they become so popular?

Here are the most compelling reasons Just Eat and Deliveroo are highly regarded by people around the world:

1- A Wonderful Online Ordering System

Every successful food delivery market have one thing in common the best order system online.

Just Eat and Deliveroo, utilizes the most efficient online ordering system that makes food ordering a breeze.

An organized online ordering system simplifies every step of the ordering procedure from choosing the food item to the delivery to your residence for pleasant.

The Just Eat food ordering system allows customers to input their delivery postcode in order to find nearby restaurants.

Customers are able to feel at ease and comfort of online shopping when the product’s information is complete and clear.

The food ordering system allows customers to customize their food orders. For instance, they can pick additional ingredients, select toppings, or leave certain ingredients out.

When an order is made when an order is made, the system sends details about the delivery manager to the customer, so that the customer has contact in the event of any problems during delivery.

The app also has an order tracking system that is real-time to track the progress of the delivery.

The payment process is made easier through the integration of different payment options, including PayPal, iOS Wallet, Stripe Card, Credit Cards, Internet Banking, etc.

Furthermore, customers have the opportunity to share their dining experience and ordering experiences by leaving feedback and rating.

The company thus has the chance to study any flaws in their current delivery system in order to give the best service to the customers.

2- Flexible and Powerful CMS (Content Management System)

Effective meal delivery apps use strong and flexible systems for managing content (CMS).

It lets restaurants manage their menus and also provide patrons with the most current menus for their meals of choice.

Food delivery companies offer access to CMS to their restaurants partners in order to help them improve their menus and other information on the website.

Each restaurant is required to improve their information on the marketplace for restaurants using the following strategies:

Include various categories of food items to the menus, so that the market could offer more choices to customers.
Take items that aren’t popular and do not make sales that serve only the most sought-after items.
Enhance the food items by offering additional options to earn more money.
Set up the restaurants’ opening and closing hours to ensure that customers are kept informed about the time for meal service.
You can enable the option of “pre-order” so that you can continue to accept online orders during peak hours.
Effectively and efficiently manage inventory of food items with no intervention from a manual source so that you can keep your menu in the market up-to-date.

Updates to the menu, promotions and discounts regularly on the website and in the app allows customers to enjoy the best experience for their users as they can access the latest menus, updated prices, and customized deals.

  1. Focus on Brand Development

One of the most important factors that determine the popularity of a reputable food delivery service is its branding.

Deliveroo achieved revenues of about 650% each year, insisting on building a solid customer base via seasonal programs and advertising campaigns.

Every major food distribution company emphasizes the development of their brand by constructing an SEO-friendly site to make sure that their site is easily found via Google or other major search engines, which results in increased traffic and sales for their company.

They also use paid advertisements through Google, YouTube, Facebook as well as other social media channels to boost brand recognition with the public.

4- Leverage Latest Technologies

The most reputable companies in the field of meal delivery are committed to cutting-edge customer service practices to enhance customer satisfaction in every way possible.

For instance, Deliveroo has already reduced delivery times by 20 percent with its algorithm “Frank.

The algorithm makes use of strong predictive technology to figure out the most effective method to distribute orders based on restaurant locations, riders’ positions and the address of delivery for the consumer.

5- Offering Subscription Plans

Deliveroo, Just Eat, and a variety of other top meal delivery services offer subscription plans to entice customers, typically by email marketing.

The plans let customers get various benefits like discounts coupons.

Similar to that, Just Eat leverages email marketing to provide special discounts to its customers. Here’s an example the campaign where customers were given coupons that they could use in exchange for completing a short survey.

Discount coupons and promotions can also be a significant factor in the success of companies such as Just Eat and Deliveroo.

  1. Outstanding Workforce to Deliver

The main ingredient in a successful delivery system is to distribute the food at a predetermined time and in good quality.

Therefore, the effectiveness of a delivery system relies on the number of employees available to distribute.

For instance, Deliveroo’s delivery network consists of more than 30,000 drivers who ride scooters, motorbikes and bicycles. They are located within a 2km distance of restaurants they sign up with making pick-up and dispatch an easy task.

Riders will receive a message on their respective apps that they will be at the pick-up location within the shortest time possible once the order has been placed.

Thus, they are able to accept more orders and provide hot freshly cooked meals to customers in just 30 minutes.

7- Secure and contactless Food Delivery

The impact of a pandemic plays a significant role in the decline and increase of the hospitality sector in the UK as in every other country.

It is simple to understand that the expenditure on food for outdoor consumption which topped 100 million British pounds in the year 2019 was down 39% by 2020.

It also showed rapid recovery after the effects of the pandemic had been reduced until August 2020.

This is mostly due to the delivery service providers for meals such as Just Eat and Deliveroo introduced the safe and secure home delivery.

They made sure their participants were at a safe temperature, were wearing a mask, kept the necessary distance from the human body and left the sealed box at the door of the customer to ensure that no human contact was made.

Due to the extended epidemic and the assurance of safety offered by delivery companies individuals were comfortable placing orders for food on the internet.

Millions of people who were locked up purchased meals online, for the very first time. This is encouraging the expansion of the food and beverage industry.

8- Additional Benefits for Restaurant Partners

There aren’t many restaurants with enough staff to meet the demands of demands of customers for delivery Every business wants to expand its coverage.

Collaborations with companies such as Deliveroo or Just Eat have emerged as an opportunity for these restaurants to expand with time.

There are many additional benefits that both eateries enjoy, aside from top-quality delivery services, for instance:

Marketing for Brands: ranked restaurants can advertise their business on food delivery websites’ social channels as well as different expansion programs. In addition, restaurants and eateries, bars, and pubs are able to advertise on these platforms by way of sponsored listings.

Cloud Kitchen Services: It is an additional advantage that companies such as Deliveroo offer restaurants the opportunity to rent out space in the massive industrial kitchen. Deveroo has launched Cloud kitchens across France, Dubai, and Singapore in recent times. These kitchens are situated away from eateries for the making of meals delivered to customers. In this way, smaller restaurants can conserve their capital, eliminate administrative work and improve the experience of delivery and be able to meet the demands of customers.

Unmatched Support for Customers Restaurants that partner with us receive an adequate customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and specific account management. Food delivery companies provide their kitchen partners and restaurants by providing valuable information via sophisticated analytic software to assess the efficiency of their businesses.

Technical support Just Eat and Deliveroo have outfitted their businesses with fully automated processes that are easy to comprehend and use, including CMS and an order system for food that restaurants of their partners can utilize.

Software integrations Deliveroo has a restaurant Partner API that allows connections to Deliveroo with the restaurants’ POS (Point of Sale) systems to ensure that restaurants in partnership can view every single one of Deliveroo orders via the POS software in near-real time.


Online ordering food is now easier than ever prior to. Companies such as Just as well as Deliveroo are making the procedure of online food ordering more efficient with the use of cutting-edge technology and marketing strategies.

They’ve ensured that each order procedure from menu selection to delivery to your home and delivery is professionally executed even in the most challenging conditions like the pandemic.

The food delivery industry is always trying to improve customers’ and restaurant partners’ experience. This is why their popularity has increased dramatically in recent years.