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Biggest Benefits of Using a Specialist Hair Extension Salon

When it comes to purchasing hair extensions, you need to be sure you’re receiving the most effective services and that the hairdresser will take care of your hair’s delicate condition. There are times when you have to make the choice of a regular hairdresser or a specialist who performs hair extensions and not other hairdressing.

Here at Fox & Vamp we are hair extensions experts. We believe that offering customers gorgeous extensions day in and day out indicates that we have more expertise and knowledge, and provide the best service possible and, more importantly we offer the finest hair extensions.

Benefits of a specialized hair extensions salon

Specialised Care

One who is only concerned in hair extension is likely know the ins and outs of the market and the most efficient ways to apply hair extensions. For instance At Fox & Vamp we have been mindful of the opinions of our customers and the general opinion of the industry. Therefore, we exclusively use micro ring hair extensions since we believe they are the safest and longest-lasting. A typical hairdresser does not have the time or resources to research the latest methods like specialists do.

Hair is always kept in stock

As a specialized hair extension salon, we will always have hair in stock instead of having to order it to ensure there is no wait time for clients receiving their extensions. We only use the best Slavic hair that is ethically sourced. It’s as well Remy hair, which means it is cuticle-correct and has not been damaged through chemical treatments.

Bespoke Extensions

Hair extension experts such as ours can also offer more of a personal service that offers custom-made extensions for each client , rather than pre-tipped extensions directly from a manufacturer. Here at Fox & Vamp our bespoke extensions can be used with any color, length or texture that will give you a stunning natural and natural look.

Create Beautiful Extensions for Day In Day Out

While regular hair salons might only apply extensions on a bi-monthly or monthly basis, hair extensions salons can create stunning hair extensions each and every day and offer a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to providing the highest quality service.

Better Value

A salon that is owned by the name of a company is known to charge twice and sometimes even triple the cost at a professional hair extension salon.

For the highest quality hair extensions that are fitted with a long-lasting and secure method, you must always rely on an expert in hair extensions like Fox & Vamp.