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How to Choose Your Wedding Suppliers

The process of selecting your wedding suppliers is among the most thrilling aspects of planning. However, it can take a lot of time and overwhelming. You may even get off the track if you don’t have careful planning and careful consideration!

In this light I’ve put together a step-by-step guide for choosing wedding vendors.

Do we want to begin?

Be patient and take your time.

While it’s crucial to reserve your suppliers as soon as you can, it’s just as crucial to not rush the process.

If you rush to book the first supplier you come across, you’ll be tempted to rethink your choices later on, particularly since there are many amazing and talented suppliers there.

Do your research

Then, where do you begin with your research?

Most wedding couples from the UK locate their wedding vendors through Internet search results, suggestions from family and friends, wedding directories, articles, actual weddings or inspiration shoots, wedding fairs, and advertisements through blogs and magazines.

With the many options available, it is crucial to keep in mind that this may and require time, but the time you invest in research now will pay off in the end.

Do your homework and be sure to take into account the followingaspects:

The look of your wedding day: Do you want to have a casual or formal wedding or an intimate celebration? extravagant celebration? City Chic wedding or a Classic and Elegant wedding? Are the vendors you’re considering complement your taste and style?
It’s easy to overspend and spend more than you can comfortably afford But remember that when you spend a lot of money here, you’ll have to cut down elsewhere.
Location: While certain suppliers are willing to travel, other suppliers may not be. Consider the location of your suppliers.

Send an inquiry

If you’re making an inquiry, make sure that you include the following details:

Name of your partner (and that of the person you are with).
Contact details (if you’re sending an inquiry via their website).
Your wedding date.
Wedding venue(s)/location.
The product or service you need i.e. If you’re looking for an Wedding Planner Do you need them to organize your whole wedding, or just parts of your wedding, or help in the coordination of your wedding day?
A brief overview of your wedding day!

As for the inquiry in itself, you’ll need to be prepared to ask the following questions:

Packages and price, as well as additional options.
Terms for deposit and payment.
Conditions and terms.
The booking procedure.

Create a shortlist

Based on the answers you receive in Step 3 Make a list of not more than two or three providers in each of the categories that you like.

If required, arrange a consultation

For some suppliers, a telephone consultation or email exchange could suffice to give you an understanding of whether or not you’d like to collaborate with them. However, if you’re working with other suppliers (a wedding Planner photographer, stylist or stylist for instance) it’s crucial to check your relationship with them as well.

If you can, try to meet in person or schedule an Skype call based on the location and availability.

Do even more research!

Find your top-rated suppliers further in detail:

Take a look at their brochures, websites as well as their blogs (if there is one).
Check out their social media profiles i.e. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. Are they active on these accounts? If so and who do they communicate with, and what number of followers are they?
Check to see whether they have work that has been featured on wedding blogs or in wedding magazines.
Check out any reviews or testimonials from previous couples.

If you do all or just a few of these, you’ll eventually have a better understanding of the kind of company or person they are.

Make your decision

Make sure you follow your instincts and, once you’ve decided inform the other suppliers you’ve talked to or had a meeting with let them know that you’ve selected the right supplier. They’ll appreciate your honesty and politeness.

Then , you can announce the good news to the suppliers you have chosen and begin to work out the details.

If terms and conditions for contracts are available , make sure to go through them carefully and ensure that you are satisfied with all the terms that is included… In the event that there’s any question marks, don’t be scared to ask questions if you’re not certain. This is the perfect moment to inquire, because you do not want to be with any regrets.

After you’ve officially signed the contract now is the time to celebrate – you’re just one step closer to the day of your life!

The above tips should put you on the right path, however If you’re having trouble finding the right supplier, or require assistance in any other way, you may want to take an online look!