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Reasons to Choose a Marquee

There’s something special about an outdoor party or wedding where blue skies and sunshine provide the extra feeling of happiness.

When you’re thinking of having an outdoor celebration it’s possible to consider the advantages of hiring an outdoor marquee. We are awestruck by the possibility of a marquee being sufficient to accommodate your guests within one area to provide the feeling of a party If the weather favors you it can be opened to let the outdoors into your location.

We’ve got our top suggestions regarding what you need to think about when hiring a marquee for a party or marquee for your wedding.

See what the marquee company provides

There are numerous marquee rental companies to pick from, so it’s important to choose a marquee hire company that is able to meet your needs. Consider if you’d prefer that the service provider simply put up the marquee in the location and then leave the rest for you to handle, or do you prefer a firm that offers additional services like dance floors tables, chairs, tables and dressing the venue.

Find out where the venue is

If the property you’re leasing is on which the marquee will be situated and you’re able to inspect the site together with the company that will be providing the marquee to ensure that the terrain is in order and that it has accessibility to utilities such as water and electricity. Surveying the area in this manner will let the marquee firm to recommend the right size structure that is compatible with your location. They’ll also determine if you’ll require additional equipment like generators or a water butt.

A flexible layout

One of the main benefits of marquees is the versatility of its design and layout choices it offers. The most important area is for guests to eat socialize, dance and mix however, there are many other locations to think about as well. If the marquee is required to accommodate restrooms or a kitchen area as well as the bar that is essential It is important to think about the taken into how they be integrated into the structure.

Tips for the Event: If you wish to keep the catering from being part of the energy of the party Consider hiring a smaller tent for your catering service.

Ready, set-up, go!

When far in advance of your wedding or other event will your marquee be put up? It depends on the size of the event and the amount of preparation needed to decorate the marquee. In certain cases, a basic setup can be accomplished the day before, however an elaborate marquee for a big wedding needs to be set up at the very least 2-3 days prior to the event particularly if you have to coordinate with the venue’s designers and lighting technicians, caterers and bar-staff in order to give them time to put up their spaces.

Take into consideration the lighting and the electrics

If it’s a sunny day the marquee is a fantastic source of light. But, it is best to be ready with extra lighting in the event that the weather turns dark. Within the structure, you could select elegant chandelier-style lighting or perhaps romantic soft shades of lighting for an intimate atmosphere. The DJ, catering unit and live music will all require electricity. If your venue isn’t located near a reliable source of power, you should talk to the marquee’s provider regarding generator alternatives.

Top Tip: Be secure – think about candles powered by batteries inside the marquee instead of candles that are real.

It’s the Great British weather

Everyone has their hopes set for a beautiful sunny day, but it’s best to prepare for any weather conditions.

If it rains it is important to make room for the event to be held inside. For events in the Autumn or Spring that could have cold air you can request your marquee company to provide heating.

If the event takes place during a heat wave, go for a structure with wide sides to ensure that the temperature in the marquee is at a comfortable temperature.

Top Tip: If weather is wet, it’s good idea to have umbrellas to guests particularly if the restrooms are situated outside from the primary structure.