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Van Locks Explained

Do you want to increase your vehicle’s security? Installing new locks for van is a method to make your car less appealing to burglars.

The ownership of a van comes with its dangers. If you have the van for your business it could be that it’s a greater threat to thieves than a car.

Because vans are frequently utilized by couriers and tradespeople There’s usually a lot of expensive equipment stored inside.

The problem is that criminals have adept at securing normal van security.

What are you able to do? There are a variety of options to make your vehicle less attractive for thieves, and also to safeguard the contents stored within it.

The measures can include installing an aftermarket deadlock for your van or van Slamlock. A good selection lock for your van could help keep criminals out.

We will look at some of the options available to security. We will also show you the best van locks to ensure your valuables are safe.

What are the different kinds of locks for vans?

They are the most popular kinds of locks that you can buy to ensure your van is secure:

Van deadlocks
Van Slam Locks
Locks for van catalytic converter
Internal van locks

Do van locks increase van security?

Locking your van will serve as a visible security measure against thieves. Most thefts are motivated by opportunity therefore, thieves are likely to search for an easy way to steal.

If they notice that your vehicle has a quality lock, they might choose not to bother.

If the lock is made well even the most determined criminal could not be able to break into your vehicle.

Depending on the location you place the locks, you’ll enhance the security of your vehicle itself, and any other valuable equipment that is inside.

Do van security locks make my van insurance cheaper?

Van insurance companies calculate the cost according to the risk. The higher the likelihood that your van could be taken away or damaged the more expensive your premiums are likely to be.

Therefore, if you build your security by putting in locks on your vehicle, the chance is reduced.

Security isn’t the only thing in determining the amount you’ll pay for the insurance on your van. Insurance companies consider a variety of factors different factors, including:

What kind of van do drive?
What you do with it
Your location
Your occupation

If you put in new locks for your vehicle, certain insurance companies might consider the installation as an upgrade. It could also mean more expensive insurance rates.

If you’re unsure, make sure to check with your insurance provider prior to making any major changes to your vehicle.

What is a deadlock for a van?

A deadlock for your van can effectively increase protection for your vehicle. Because the deadlock doesn’t have a spring system inside, they’re not easy to locate or to force to open.

Most of the time your only option to bypass the deadlock is to use the key. As long as you keep your key safe the deadlock is safe.

A van deadlock is among the most well-known van security solutions.

They’re a second locking mechanism that you can attach to the doors of your van which means you’ll have an extra layer of protection.

A deadlock in a van is key-operated, so you’re less at risk of locking yourself out.

Because deadlocks have a separate mechanism that is not connected to the other parts part of the vehicle, it’s very difficult to get into. Even if thieves do manage to break through the lock on the van’s front and gain access to the deadlock, they’ll also be faced with the deadlock with.

It’s not possible to open deadlocks in vans by entering the van. If a burglar tried to smash through a window and then open the van from inside, they’d go nowhere.

What is a van-slam lock?

The major difference between a lock with a slam and deadlock is that the Slam lock doesn’t require keys to secure it.

Like the name suggests, the slam lock locks when you close the door. Only way you can unlock it up again is by using keys.

The slam lock replaces purpose for the door handle that is on the van. Instead of pulling the handle to unlock the van, you press the key, and the door will open.

Slam locks are the preferred lock for drivers who have a lot of drops, such as couriers. This is due to the fact that carrying heavy or bulky objects can make it difficult to secure the door manually.

The ability to lock your van simply by closing the door can make your van more secure even when it’s making deliveries.

Slam locks are unlocked through the interior, but.

How much will it cost to put in the Slam lock?

The installation of a van slam locking device can cost approximately PS130 but the van you’re using and the type of lock that you’re using can alter the price.

Are van deadlocks superior to van slam locks?

Which lock is best for you will depend on how you will be using your vehicle.

For couriers that regularly delivers then a slam lock might be the better choice. It’s because it has a lower chance of your van not being locked.

However, as the slam locks are incorporated into the lock mechanism you already have there is only one defense.

As deadlocks add an extra security layer that can’t be removed or picked from inside, they could make more safe.

What’s a catalytic conversion lock?

Catalytic converters remove toxic emissions from the van and convert the harmful gases into safer ones.

Catalytic converters have precious metals that aid in helping them remove the harmful substances. But these precious metals are that thieves are looking for.

The primary kind of catalytic converter locks is Catloc. It acts as a cage for the converter and makes the theft of the converter significantly more difficult.

Catlocs were originally developed to be used in Toyota automobiles. They are compatible with a variety of manufacturers.

What is the problem with van locks that are internal to the van?

If you’re looking to add security there are ways to install locks in your vehicle. There are a variety of alternatives.

Lever gear and steering wheel locks

These are often referred to as mechanical immobilisers. These locks attach to your steering wheel , or you can attach the hand brake of the gear stick.

Even if someone enters your vehicle it will be a tough task of escaping from the vehicle.

Secure lockboxes

If you’re carrying equipment inside your van, make use of lockboxes which bolt to an interior floor.

These storage containers that are secure can assist in keeping your valuable tools safe even if it’s not possible to remove them overnight. If you’re worried about the safety of your tools, you may consider a the possibility of a tool cover.

Security cages

A step above the lockbox is a security cage that is a lockable space inside your van. they can be part of the floor to protect certain objects, or even be used to fill up the van.

In any case, they offer another layer of protection that a burglar can breach.

Selecting the most suitable van security locks that you can

The kind of lock you pick will depend on the manufacturer and model of the vehicle, the location you store it, and the amount you can afford.

A slam lock may be ideal for people who are frequent drop-offs, like delivery drivers. A deadlock could be more secure and more suitable for people who don’t require frequent access to their vehicle.
What else could I do to improve the safety of my van?

Installing new locks is one method to make your vehicle more safe. There are other options to increase your security:

1. Set up an alarm with an extra bell, as well as an immobiliser

One way to guard your vehicle from theft is by installing an alarm and engine immobiliser. Even if thieves manage to get into your van and steal your keys, they’re not likely to begin the engine without the key.

2. You can mark your tools with an UV pen

Tools and expensive equipment are popular targets for thieves. The way you mark your belongings will help police return them to you in the event that they are found or sold.

3. Install security films on the windows.

Security film can hold damaged glass in place when thieves attempt to break your windows to gain entry to your vehicle. This makes it more difficult for thieves to gain entry. The film is able to be tinted to prevent people from viewing what’s inside your vehicle too.

4. Install a plate of protection for your lock.

Sometimes, van locks can be entirely bypassed by drilling a small hole above the handle or using a screwdriver to force the gap and releasing the doors off.

A stainless steel plate of protection will stop this from happening and even be placed over the damage already caused when it has already happened.

5. Install a tracker on your vehicle

Even if your vehicle has been stolen, a tracker may assist police in finding your van before thieves attempt to get rid of it.

The systems used by TRACKER, for instance, are connected to databases of police and utilize GPS to locate stolen vehicles quickly.