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What makes the VW camper van the camper van of choice for most people?

Volkswagen Camper Van is a moving symbol of outdoor living, adventure and camping. Volkswagen is the first to introduce the camper built by factories. In 1947 Volkswagen is manufacturing Camper Vans with every edition that comes out with enhancements.

For those who love camping and adventure, VW Camper Van is the preferred camper van. But what is it that makes Volkswagen Camper Van the preferred camper for the majority of people? We must take a look at VW’s past of making camper vans, and the enhancements with each generation. In addition, we’ll discuss the top features of the most recent VW Camper Van.

The history of the iconic Volkswagen Camper.

Van Volkswagen Camper Van has been in existence for decades. Since the closing in World War II, VW has brought various versions of the iconic car to the market. Are you curious about how VW Camper Van became so famous? Check out the short history of this legendary camper van.

1947 The humble beginning of VW Camper Van

The first Volkswagen campervan was released in 1947. In reality, it was an insignificant beginning. The main function of the vehicle was to transport parts. At the time, VW had a massive manufacturing facility in Britain. Before the advent of the Camper Van, workers used to transport heavy parts inside VW Beetles. A Dutch importer came in with an idea for turning VW Beetles into the Camper Van. After two years the first ever idea of the Camper Van was exhibited at Geneva Motor. VW took advantage of this idea and built an 170 cubic-ft box. It was initially built on a chassis with four wheels. After a couple of decades, VW transformed the basic model into various bodies and used them for a variety of reasons. From pickups, ambulances, campers to parts transporters – the VW camper vans utilized to transport goods of all kinds.

1949: The model that was the basis changed into the “Splitty”

Following the initial days of the VW campervan, VW transformed its first-ever Camper Van into the “Splitty.” It is the most well-known version that comes with that VW Camper Van. It’s because it offers an impressive capacity for carrying and plenty of space to store your belongings. The model is so famous that it is said to be a “Splitty” that is in great condition could cost upwards of $50,000. In 1950, the Type 2 of the T1 Camper Van had two distinct models. One was a Transporter and the other was called Kombi. “Splitty” was the name given to it “Splitty” was chosen due to the fact of the front windshield being divided into two windows. Splitty has an official title also, which is known as Type 2. The demand continued to grow and the VW company was flourishing. The company later opened manufacturing facilities located in Brunswick as well as Hannover. The venture was an enormous hit and VW sold more than 20000 units in the early 1960s.

1967 The year 1967 saw Type 1 was decommissioned and T2 was introduced.

The official name was The Bay, Type 2 transformed into a more elegant and feature-packed model. In the final and early part the year 1968 VW witnessed the beginning of an entirely new age. In the year 1968, VW had stopped producing T1 and then, one year later, it began the introduction of T2. Although it looked very like that of “Splitty,” it had numerous enhancements.

The enhancements include:

* Increased body dimensions and creating more room within the van

There is no longer a split screen in the front. Replaced with one-window

*New suspension added and stabilising bar

*The introduction of a more powerful engine which increased speed up to around 80 miles per hour

The engine later was replaced by two-liter engines which made the ride more efficient and more comfortable

*Renovated electrical system and the addition of electronic functions.

Better confort

1975: The Year of the Bay Camper Bus. The Bay Camper Bus In 1975

VW launched The Bay Camper Van into the market. This model was designed on a similar style that The Bay had but with some minor modifications. It was wildly popular with motor home owners and campers. community. It was a huge hit with motor home owners and campers. Bay Camper Bus was hugely loved by other companies due to its design. It was equipped with an elevated roof, which gave enough space vertically inside the van for it to stand. It was more efficient than prior Camper Van model of VW. Some other companies built their camper vans and buses in accordance with its design. The roofs that were elevated made them ideal motorhomes with up to five people could sleep inside. About 4 million of these campervans were manufactured at VW’s Hanover manufacturing facility of VW.

The latest generation of the T series

The end of the 1970s VW stopped making The Bay Camper Bus. T25 replaced it , and T4 and T5 were made available by VW. While the T series was not as well-known as the Splitty but it was welcomed by the motorhome crowd. In 1979 the T3 was launched. It had an open roof, as well as an kitchen that had a stove and sink, which made it a functional camper van. It’s a favorite of the motorhome community due to its longevity, reliability, and utility. It was in 1981 that Volkswagen introduced a diesel-powered engine to their Campervans in the beginning for the first time. It was in 1991 that VW introduced T4. It was equipped with a front-mounted water-cooled engine. It was in 1997 that VW hit a huge milestone when it launched the world’s largest camper van.

What is the reason why this VW Camper Van remain an iconic vehicle? In the realm of elegance and appeal of these cars they are unbeatable. What are the features that make that VW Camper Van that makes it such a cult car that it’s still the ideal camper van of choice for the majority of people? Let’s take a look. There’s no doubt it that VW Camper Van is a camper van that deserves first-sight affection. VW Camper Van can be described as an absolute classic – but whyis that? While some aren’t in perfect condition, they manage to look amazing. Are they due to the design or the quality of the construction? If we answer both, what happens!

Beginning with the first ever version it was an aerodynamic, easy and reliable vehicle. What made the initial version so well-liked was its versatility. It was utilized for a myriad of reasons and the people really liked the idea of having something larger in form that could help to move heavier weights, travel and even to camp with their family members. After initial reactions the design was changed to add more features. The elimination of the split-window was a bit of its charm , but it was now more practical. Its transformation into a more efficient and more reliable campervan was due to an upgrade to the engine. But, is its reliability enough to justifies its “iconic” label?

The reason it was so popular at the time wasn’t only its functionality and reliability but also its connection to the hippie generation. It was first the 1960s hippy generation that was later eclipsed by surfers. The reason it is so popular today is its charm and reliability. The fashionable campers who are in their 30s 40s and 50s regard this as “cool” adventures and camping. This VW Camper Van isn’t a just a “cult” phenomenon. Since its first appearance it has been equally well-liked by all generations. Nowadays, all ages consider it to be an extremely classic, efficient, and reliable car ideal for camping. Most often couple in their fifties can be often seen driving around in a custom and colorful traditional VW Camper Van.

The improvements continue to come and make this VW Camper Van a success that will last for a long time. What is it that makes this VW Camper Van such a famous and a huge success is the fact that VW did not stop the advancements. For the past seven decades, this VW Camper Van has only been the best versions of the earlier Camper Van. Every model newer to hit the market came with electrical, mechanical, and physical enhancements. Even now, VW is adapting to the demands of the global automobile industry.

The VW Camper Van features everything required in a campervan. In spite of 70 years it is still this VW Camper Van is the camper van of choice for the majority of people. Today it is VW California and the VW California and VW Transporter are among the top camper vans on the market. With all the reasons you can think of it provides an unforgettable camping experience. It is the VW Camper Van boasts all important features required to make a great camper van

*Elevating roof

VW is the very first company to introduce an elevated roof onto it’s Camper Van. It allows for more vertical space inside the van, which lets the driver stand and move within the cabin comfortably and with ease. Additionally, the roof’s elevating feature includes a sleeping area so that you can have a relaxing sleeping.

*Sleeping in comfort

One of the main features common to the entire range of VW campervans is the ability to sleep in at a comfortable level. When you are spending on the road in motorhomes most important is the comfort of sleeping. But, VW Camper Van lets you sleep in peace inside the cozy camper van. The process of setting up your bed is a straightforward process.


There’s nothing more relaxing than spending the entire day in the natural world and then settling down in a cozy mattress to relieve fatigue. This VW Camper Van is big bed that is comfortable and can sleep up to six persons in the van. The roof’s elevated position lets you lie upright on the bed’s head.


When you’re sleeping or relaxing in your VW Camper Van, there’s no need to worry about privacy. In fact, the Camper Van is equipped with blinds or shades, which allow you to completely block out the windows, windscreens, as well as the roof screen. All you have to do is close the shades in order to cover your windows completely and screen.

*Sink and Stove

It’s not worth it to purchase an RV camper if you’re not going to gain from it in the same way that your house does. It’s a good idea to consider the VW Camper Van is equipped with kitchen space that is sufficient to accommodate your cooking needs. In addition, a sink is also included so that it is possible to wash or dry your dishes.


Keep your items in the refrigerator in the VW Camper Van. This allows you to keep your food fresh and safe to consume. A big and powerful fridge is included in the VW Camper Van, which is another reason why VW Camper Van is the preferred camper for the majority of people.


For those who want to live the rest of their lives in the camper van and work inside the camper it is this VW Camper Van is the most popular choice. This is because they come with a sturdy and adjustable worktop so that laptops can be placed on and control your work from the ease of their campervan.


Like you’ll need electricity in your home, you’ll require it in your camping van, too. The thing that makes VW Camper Van the camper van of choice for the majority of people is the array of energy sockets that allow them to connect to all types of common appliances.


The management of your clothes inside the van of a camper can be difficult. This is the reason why many prefer this VW Camper Van because it comes with a wardrobe for storing and clothes. The process of putting your clothes in the closet is not difficult and also it’s easy to get your clothes in and out of.

*Outside seating

Set up a nice place to sit in your camper van should not be an overwhelming or tedious task. This VW Camper Van features a seating area that is stowed, camping tables, chairs and an awning that retracts. These are just some of the amenities that are vital to a campervan. Without them, it’s impossible to enjoy a relaxing life. The fact that all of these camper vans on this VW Camper Van makes it the preferred campervan for the majority of people.