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Why MOT? The importance of the MOT test

The significance in the test MOT

First of all, why do you need to test your car? The MOT (Ministry of Transportation) test is mandated by law and is an exam for all vehicles that are more than 3 years of age. A valid MOT certification is required to prove that your vehicle is roadworthy legally and also to get an MOT certificate that is valid to register your vehicle for tax. Here are some essential facts that you should be aware of about the MOT test

There’s a set price

Since the test is a legal requirement the cost for an MOT test is determined by the government. The current cost is £54.85 (correct from January 2015) and it’s illegal to charge higher than this. Prices that are discounted are legally available and are available. A lot of retailers offer a free test retest within a specific timeframe following the test should your car fail. If repairs go beyond the stated timeframe and you are not able to pay for the repairs, you’ll be required to pay to have the test retaken.

An MOT Cheltenham is distinct from the service

It’s important to understand it is important to remember that an MOT exam isn’t an equivalent to the provision of a service. It’s not a safe assumption that simply because your car has been through the MOT test, the mechanical components are working perfectly. It’s the most basic security test which can be conducted on your vehicle. It does not examine the internal functioning systems of a car. When you have a service, essential inspections of components and systems like brakes as well as the transmission and engine are carried out.

Although MOTs aren’t the sole legal requirement, it is essential to have your car maintained in accordance with the specifications of the manufacturer. It’s also important to conduct routine maintenance checks every week on your tyres, water level and oil levels.

Small faults could cause MOTs to fail.

It is commonplace to ignore small issues that happen over the use of your vehicle. Even things that appear minor could result in you failing the MOT test. For instance, if the front door handle has been damaged on the outside or inside and it’s an immediate failure, as is when your washer fluid fails to flow properly.

What are MOT advisory notices?

Advisory notices refer to issues that might not have led to an MOT fault However, they are recommended as warranting attention. Most of the time even if a vehicle is able to pass the MOT and passes the test, a list of advisory notices will be provided. These notices shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s important to get these issues addressed promptly as soon as you can because they’ll soon become more serious problems and if they’re not taken care of, the car may fail the test the following year.

You must go to an MOT test centre that is approved

There are a few garages that can conduct MOT tests. The garage must get DVSA (formally VOSA) approved for legal reasons to declaring your car roadworthy. A database of digital information is available that is constantly continuously updated with the information of your vehicle when it passes the test. Test stations that have been approved for MOT are able to access the database. The certification you receive following the test will not be sufficient evidence.

Has your MOT expired?

If you realize that your MOT is due to expire and you haven’t yet booked it in, don’t take your vehicle out in the roadway, as it is illegal. If you are caught driving a vehicle without an MOT roads, you’ll be charged. The only exception to this is if you’re driving your car to the garage to take an appointment for an MOT test. You should make arrangements with the garage to ensure you don’t run into a roadblock on your route.

What is the test that is conducted in the MOT test?

Get a list of the items included and what’s checked at the time of the MOT test on the official website. It is possible to conduct certain MOT tests at home prior to taking your car to the test and hopefully get a pass for an insignificant issue.