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Establishing Sewer Connections: Everything You Need to Know

Sewer lines aren’t a minor component of the build budget, regardless of whether your project is a single home or a vast estate, therefore it is important to ensure you choose the most reliable contractor for the best value.

How do you find the ideal contractor (sometimes known as a self-lay organization’ or ‘SLO’)? The first thing to do is to begin looking at the earliest possible time. Whatever the size of a project is large or small it is essential to get sewer lines installed at an early point to help save time, money and headaches on the construction sites.

Here’s a list of suggestions that we believe can assist you in finding the ideal contractor. It will also assist you in reducing time, stress and money:

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Confirmed to connect to sewers of the public

In the first place, every self-lay organization must possess the right accreditations to be able to construct connections to the public sewer, because it is an obligation under the law. SLOs can be accredited by private water companies, or through their own Water Industry Registration Scheme (WIRS) which is accepted by all water companies.

Long-term experience with sewer connections

Since any drainage issues are costly and invasive to correct making sure it is done right the first time is essential. There is no better way to make sure this is done than picking the right professional for the task who has the most years of experience.

End-to-end service

You should look for an SLO which offers a solution that begins with an initial inquiry to the water company and continues throughout the design and application phases The SLO manages the entire process, from notification and installation, and ensures the sewer adoption process is completed until it is completed.

Free consultation for the first time

A consultation regarding your sewer connection and the most efficient and economical method to do it, should be part of the process before you sign a contract with a specific contractor. We’re always happy to offer no-cost assistance on projects both large and small. Just contact us.

ISO certification for quality management

There is no more reliable indicator of excellent managerial practices and thus the highest quality service than it is the ISO 9001 accreditation. The ISO 9001 standard is founded on outstanding principles of quality management, including an unwavering commitment to customer first along with management skills, solid procedures, and a focus on constant improvement.

Training that meets the highest standards

Do not be afraid to ask for evidence of past client satisfaction. A self-lay company that offers an excellent level of installation and service will have a solid backlog of projects that have happy homeowners and developers willing to add their stamp on that.