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How Does a Carpet Protector Work?

If you are cleaning your carpets, getting rid of the wear and discolourations is not always achievable even if you hire a professional cleaning service. A carpet protector can keep your carpet safe from accidents caused by pets, spills as well as other things which can stain the carpet and cause it to look dirty. Apart from protecting your carpet from staining, carpet protectors help to keep away water, which could make your carpet turn yellow. However, is it really needed?

We discuss the information you need to know about carpet protectorants.

How does a Carpet Protector work?

Carpet protectants are an anti-stain and water-repellent coating that is applied on your carpets by an experienced carpet cleaner when cleaning. The goal of protecting your carpet is to provide short-term resistance to water giving you more time to wash up any spill. Once they are applied, these protections are able to stick to carpet fibers, and assist in repelling dirt and spills.

It basically acts as an invisible protection to protect your carpet. It allows homeowners to have the time needed to wash up spills before it creates an irreparable stain. This allows the dry spills of a spill to be cleaned off more easily with a vacuum. This assists in removing abrasion from the carpet which is the main reason for carpets to become damaged.

What is the reason your Carpet need a protector?

If your carpet is free of dirt and stains without protection You might be wondering what the reason is to pay the cash to purchase. Protectants are the best option to make sure that your carpet remains stained and water-resistant. With time the foot’s movement can scratch and wear away the exterior of your carpet’s fibres which can remove the protective layer and allowing spills to get through the carpet fibers, causing damage to the carpet.

Protecting your carpet is also a great protection against accidents from pets and other staining. This is particularly beneficial when renting a house because you are not held accountable for the cost of replacing your carpet.

Are Carpet Protectants Harmful?

A carpet protector is typically accepted as safe for use in the majority of homes. However, you must consult with the manufacturer prior to applying it to your home if you have pets, young children or anyone living in the home who has severe sensitivities.

How often should you add Carpet Protection?

It is recommended that you have your carpet professionally cleaned each year. If you have pets, you must take into consideration sealing and cleaning your carpet at least every six months in order to avoid the footprints from accumulating.

It’s important to know that the carpet protector won’t cleanse your carpet. It is still necessary to apply a spot cleaner to clean your carpet in between deep cleanings. Therefore, you need to consult with an expert carpet cleaner about the kind of products you need to use at home.

Additionally the carpet protector will only provide protection for a brief duration. Studies have shown that after two years of factory-installed new carpet protection products and one year of the same protector treatment applied in the cleaning of your carpet The level of protection that remains in zones with the highest traffic levels isn’t enough to prevent staining.


It is possible to ask your professional carpet cleaner next time you get your carpets cleaned. the technician could apply a protective layer during the process of cleaning your carpets to aid in restoring your carpet’s stain resistance and soil resistance.