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How to choose estate agents in Docklands

Selling a home is an enormous undertaking in every sense and it’s essential to select an estate agent who you can trust to secure the most value and highest likelihood of selling. This guide to selecting the right agent will outline the aspects to keep in mind while narrowing down your options however, when it comes to making a decision, what are you going to be searching for and what should you ask?

We believe that there are three essential qualities an estate agent must have:

A great list of prospective buyers for your home
An ability to take initiative and to contact the buyers
The skills needed to market your house in the most favorable possible light

1. Potential buyers

Any estate agent is able to display a photo of your house in their office, and list your property’s details in Rightmove and then make sure they cross their fingers. A professional with experience will be thinking of buyers the moment they come across your property. This is why it’s essential to select a firm that has a large portfolio of similar properties to yours. They know the information of potential buyers in the properties and will therefore be attracted to yours.

2. The desire to take initiative

The list of potential buyers will only be helpful only if the estate agent prepared and willing to put into action to inform them about your home. Estate agents are just humans, and they’ll typically go after the most straightforward sales first, that could, for example the property is drastically reduced in value because the seller is desperate.

Similar to that, although you’ll prefer one with a lot of buyers in their portfolio However, you do not want them to own numerous properties that they aren’t able to devote enough time to the ones you want.

3. Marketing skills

You’re relying on an estate agent to provide an elevator pitch for your house So you have to be sure that they will do a the job well. That’s why it is crucial to interview an agent. Are they genuine and competent? Recommendations from family or friends are helpful however the best method of getting an idea of how your chosen estate agents interact with buyers is to pretend to be an actual buyer. If you assume you’re searching for a home like yours, what will they present to you? What’s their local knowledge as?

Questions you can ask an agent

After you’ve narrowed your choices down to few estate agents, you can invite them to complete an assessment of your property. This also gives you the chance to talk to each of them since you’re the one who gives them the opportunity to work. Here are a few questions you should ask:

Similar properties to those you have sold recently and when?

Estate agents in Docklands ought to be able to offer examples of homes that are in the same location as yours, and with similar prices. Be sure they’ve sold recently. It’s no wise to rely on buyers who were on the books of the agent several months ago, because they may already have bought a house.

How many views do similar properties receive?

If the company has an identical house to yours that they have on their books, ask them about the interest levels. How many visits did that property get in the last week? Do not be afraid to ask questions of agents You will be confiding them with the future of your most important asset.

What is the size of the team? What do they charge for their work?

The staffing ratio of the estate agent’s staff is a crucial aspect to verify, so that you can be sure they are able to concentrate on the sale. Additionally, it’s important to ask if they work with a pooled commission or an individual one. While it could appear that agents who earn commissions from his own sales is more productive however, it can affect their willingness to share leads from potential buyers with colleagues. If the agents are part of the commission pool, they’re more likely to turn down potential buyers who might be perfect for your house and also work in a group to give the best results.

What is the cost?

Find out the agent’s typical commission rates and whether there is room to negotiate. Our guide regarding how to bargain fees address the subject in greater detail however, remember that the percentage you negotiate isn’t the end all be all. It’s not worth bargaining for a fraction of a percent if the agent cannot locate a buyer, and you are forced cut prices in order to sell.