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Most Popular Accommodation Options For Loughborough University

When it comes time to choose the ideal accommodation, it might be overwhelming, particularly if this is your first experience living in a different location.

There are many factors to consider like the location, budget, as well as the amount of people you would like to share your home with.

Our guide on Loughborough student accommodation will provide you with the pros and cons of a number of the most sought-after choices.

4 Different kinds of student housing

Halls of residence
Private student halls
Private rentals

1. Halls of residence

This is the type of accommodations that a majority of first-year students select.

Halls of residence are normally administered by the school. There is a private room however, you’ll share other areas, like kitchens or bathrooms.

Usually , they are on campus or at least in the same city or town as the university and can be an ideal option to commute to.

You’ll live with lots of other students in the first year but not necessarily taking the same classes as you. This is the perfect opportunity to make new acquaintances.

It’s also an excellent start to move without a home. You’ll gain independence, but you won’t be obligated to pay rent and utility bills.

The good parts:

It’s a no-hassle option to kick off your university life
Halls are an excellent place to be a part of when it comes to the social aspects of college life
Since halls are usually administered by the school and you’ll receive additional support should you require it

The bad bits:

You’ll be unable to choose who you live with
They are very loud
Not all universities will have halls that are available to all students in the first year.

2. Private student halls

Private student halls have a similar structure to residence halls but they are managed by different organizations.

You may find that they’ll accommodate students from several different universities . This is a great way to expand your social circle further.

Private halls are where you’ll have the privacy of your own home and have shared spaces with other people There are times when you’ll find studio flats for rent at an extra cost. Some private halls even have cool features like saunas and cinema rooms.

Things to look into before deciding if this type of accommodation is for you is whether the property has any up-front fees as well as whether utility bills are included in the rent.

The good things:

The halls were designed and built with the students in mind
You’ll be able to meet a lot of people
The halls are typically modern and well-equipped.

The bad aspects:

Just like halls of residence, they are extremely noisy spaces to live.
Extra costs might apply
You’ll have no say over whom you live with.

3. Private rentals

Private rentals are where you lease a house or flat from a landlord , or letting agent.

Usually, you share your space with a group of friends or other students, you can also opt to live in a separate space if you feel like you’re in need of the privacy of your own home.

Not all universities offer enough room in their halls of residence, you could consider this as one option to look at for your first year.

If you find yourself in this position, your university will normally be able to assist you locate the right place and could have a list of approved properties that they utilize regularly.

A majority of students opt for this option in their third and second years because it’s easier to decide on a place to live once you know the region a little better.

While living in a private home can be more expensive (you’ll have rent and bills to pay) it also gives you the choice of who you share your space with and the place you reside.

The good parts:

You live in a home with your best friends
It is your choice where to reside – near the university, or within easy reach of the city centre or town.
There are many options to choose from the type of property you choose to rent

The bad aspects:

You’ll need to budget other expenses, such as charges, deposits and rent
You will have to deal with your landlord, and resolve any issues that arise
Living with close friends can be as difficult as you think.

4. Homestay

Renting a room with the family of a nearby resident is an excellent option for students that want to enjoy some of the home comforts when they’re studying.

Host families have been inspected and accepted by the university, therefore you can rest assured that you are going into a safe and secure space. The university can also consider your preferences about who you live with prior to giving you a room.

The meals are usually catered and meals are shared with the family. This can make it an excellent option for foreign students who want to practice their English skills and live the everyday British life.

The best bits:

The warm and welcoming atmosphere of a family can be good if it’s your first time leaving your home
Meals are usually provided
It will give you a unique look into the culture of the country

The bad aspects:

You’ll be required to adhere to the host family’s rules
It is possible that you are some distance from campus
It can be harder to form bonds with fellow students