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Save Money On Repairs With Regular Boiler Servicing

The maintenance of your boiler is often overlooked, however regular checks and maintenance on your boiler could bring numerous benefits. In this article, we will look at our top reasons for ensuring that your boiler gets serviced each year.

Protect Those You Care About

A broken boiler could be extremely hazardous. A regular boiler maintenance will protect you from explosions, fires, gas leaks, and the poisoning of carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas that can kill you quickly at any time and with no warning. Alongside the annual boiler maintenance installing an alarm that sounds like carbon monoxide will help safeguard those you love from the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Cut Your Energy Bills

A regular boiler maintenance will assist in making sure your boiler’s running at its best and also help to prevent the waste of heating fuel. This will not only save you money on energy costs, but it can also help reduce the carbon footprint you create and also your impact on the planet.

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Save money on Boiler Repairs

By ensuring that your boiler is maintained annually, you will improve the performance that your heater is operating, reduce the likelihood of future boiler repairs, and also extend the life of your boiler. Regular maintenance and checks can identify minor issues that if left untreated may lead to more severe problems, increase repair costs or delay a possible, and costly, need to replace your boiler.

Make sure your boiler guarantee is valid

The absence of an annual service of your boiler on new boilers could cause the guarantee to be invalidated. Certain manufacturer warranties require that the boiler you purchased to be maintained by an Gas Safe registered engineer every 12 months. For instance the Ideal Guarantee for its Logic and Logic+ boiler line states, “at the end of every 12 month period the boiler needs to be maintained by an Gas Safe registered engineer. If this condition is not satisfied, the boiler guarantee expires.”

Make sure you keep your shivers!

An annual boiler inspection is recommended prior to the winter months are upon us. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to turn on your heating in the autumn only to finding a problem. Making sure your boiler is maintained prior to the cold snap will help in spreading the cost since you won’t have to pay for an increase in fuel consumption when the heating is off.

Stay Legal (Businesses and Landlords Only)

Commercial and rental properties legally require certificates for gas safety to be given every 12 months. According to law, boilers, pipes as well as flues and other gas appliances should be maintained and repaired in a safe and secure condition and with Gas Safety Records readily available and kept up to two years. It is suggested that an annual boiler maintenance is carried out simultaneously to ensure that gas appliances operate effectively and safely.

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