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The Role of a UK Building Surveyor

As a property owner you’ve probably already employed a surveyor in the past and are aware of the significance of these surveys. If not, you have to look into the reasons why owners have their homes surveyed and whether you should conduct the same.

Getting professional advice will ensure that you are aware of the relevant legal aspects of your home. There are many reasons for homeowners to choose to employ a surveyor. However, these are the most popular four we’ve seen. Find out four reasons why homeowners seek land and property surveys.

  1. Purchase A New Home

The purchase of a home is an investment of a significant amount – particularly for those who are first-time buyers therefore it is essential to be aware of what you are buying. This is true for not just existing homeowners as well as those who are planning to jump. Simply walking into a house and falling in love with the setting isn’t enough to make a decision. You must be aware of the condition of the property since there may be imperfections and flaws that prospective buyers aren’t aware of.

Be aware that a valuation is not an assessment.

If you don’t know the structure the house you want to build, it could become a nightmare. Homeowners who don’t request property surveys pay more than the amount of £5,500 for repairs when they move into their home.

This figure could be much more if buyers are ill-prepared and are faced with major issues that were not addressed.

All of this can be prevented through building surveying, which is among the most important reasons people choose to hire building surveyors London.

When a surveyor has inspected the property, homeowners can make an informed decision on the property. They will be provided with the condition report, buyer’s report, as well as an extensive survey of the building.

  1. Boundary Line Disputs

“Wars have been fought for a lesser amount!”

It’s a quote from British show, My Family when Ben Harper gets agitated by his neighbor who takes over 8cm of his backyard after the fence was replaced.

Although it’s a hilarious episode it helps to understand the disputes that are frequent for owners of land. You want to know if the property is legally yours and you do not want someone other than you to take it (…even even if it’s just 8 centimeters).

One of the main reasons that surveyors are called upon is to inquire about boundary lines. Consulting a professional on boundary lines is crucial when building fences or paving driveways, as an example.

In many cases, your neighbor could accidentally take over some of your land… So, before any concrete has sunk or a fence has been built then you must contact an engineer for an official boundary line certificate.

  1. Walls for the Party Walls

If you and your neighbor have a wall to share you should know about the Party Wall Act. Take a look at the video below to get the definition of a wall for a party is:

This means that you and your neighbor have the wall that is between your houses. When you are doing any construction work on your property (even if it’s a part of the wall of your neighbour) it is your legal obligation to notify the neighbour about the changes or the construction.

That’s where a wall surveyor comes into the picture to provide professional advice. They will assist with solving problems.

  1. Improvements to your home

Surveyors are employed to verify that construction and improvements made on structures are in compliance with the laws. The surveyor will make sure there are no violation and provide you with all the necessary information to complete the renovation securely. Possible restrictions may be pertaining to the construction height, dimensions of frontage, etc.