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Why A Bespoke Wardrobe Makes Sense

We hear the words bespoke and the first thought we have is that it will be expensive. Although it is more expensive than purchasing an industrial-produced model however, it isn’t more expensive than you believe. If you consider the value it could bring to your house, it could be an excellent investment that is worth the cost. Over the past few years the last few years, there’s been a decrease in the number of home relocations all over the UK. Due to the economic downturn in the last 10 years many people have decided to put money into their houses instead which has added value to ensure you can ensure that when time comes to make their next move, they can reap the benefits of the little additional investment that their investment has brought. This month we look at the advantages of custom wardrobe for your home.


The primary benefit of a bespoke wardrobe is that it allows storage space. It is possible to reside in a tiny house with limited storage options or your room could be unusually shaped with alcoves, nooks, and corners which ‘steal’ space and are hard to make use of. Even when you have a bigger space, a properly-designed wardrobe will blend into the space and not take up much of the space you already have.

Unique to you

A custom-designed wardrobe can be designed according to your specific requirements. If you own an excess of footwear than you have to do with them, your wardrobe could be designed and constructed to show the shoes or conceal the shoes. It could be that it’s not really shoes you keep, but rather handbags or dresses. Whatever it might be, a tailored wardrobe can be designed to exactly what you want to accomplish it’s not something you’ll quickly find using a pre-made one.

Value adds

The addition of storage space to bedrooms is a simple method to add value to your property And what better method to achieve this is with a wardrobe you can maximize too? Particularly, if you’re making a built-in closet to make the most of small or awkward spaces buyers are always looking for extra-value items and if it’s an end to the need to think about, they’re likely to be willing to pay little cost for it. Remember that even though you might not have the large shoes, your potential client might!

Environmental footprint

There is a lot of talk about our carbon footprint or environmental footprint and the various ways we can decrease it. The process of designing your own clothing might be the best way to go between locally-sourced products and having something already made and shipped halfway across the globe to you.

Local craftsmen are supported

Skilled workers are still an important role to play in the economy. If you select an local company to design and create things for you, you’re not just supporting the company and the community as well, but also helping skilled craftsmen keep their craft alive.

If you’d like to know more about the advantages of a custom-made wardrobe or would like to speak with us about creating one specifically for you, contact us today.