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Why Have a Bespoke Handmade Kitchen?

A handmade kitchen instead of a mass-produced flat panel kitchen is definitely a benefit. They’ll come with an increased price however, we’ll give four reasons to be sure it’s worth the money.

1. Built to last

Hand-crafted kitchens are created by skilled cabinet makers who’s desire is to make exquisite bespoke pieces constructed of wood. We only use the highest quality materials like woods like birch and oak which will last through the test of time, while maintaining their beauty and strength for a long time.

Flat-panel MDF Kitchens can be mass produced, and tend to be constructed with separate components to be replaced if something breaks and are often than not joined with hinges and joints that are weak that eventually break , showing evidence of peeling and sagging.

The hand-crafted kitchens are built to last for long into the future, and some have a 30 year warranty and even 30 years of use and wear, giving customers peace of mind about the decisions they make.

It’s definitely worth the extra cost to be sure the kitchen you purchase will be of top quality, and you won’t have to replace anything for many years to come.

Get in touch when looking for kitchens direct.

2. Created to suit

Hand-crafted kitchens can be of any size, and you’re not restricted to the standard cabinets that result in unutilized space and spaces. Kitchens that are handmade will include an design service that can maximize all the spaces and elements of the kitchen , with storage options you don’t have thought of. If it’s an awkward corner or chimney arch, or even a cove, custom kitchens will be built to suit an endless design for kitchens.

The possibilities are limitless!

3. Local and Sustainable

The benefit of having hand-crafted kitchens is that it’s a British manufacturing that is why it is more crucial than ever to shop locally.

The lower the amount of mass-produced products is more efficient. The lesser distance these products have traveled reduces the carbon footprint, allowing for the greenest option for your new kitchen.

Wood shipped worldwide from manufacturing facilities that are less efficient is more damaging on the environment. Check out our products for more information.

4. Individually Designed and Designed for you

It doesn’t matter if it’s a huge collection of tupperware, or an array of china cups, having a custom-designed kitchen that is crafted to your specifications allows you to display or hide anything you want to display. If you’re looking for the kitchen to be stocked with spacious drawers or large shelved cabinets, these kitchen businesses will take into consideration your preferences and the way your family and you use the kitchen. They will then design these elements into the final product. Kitchens range from a tiny space big enough to accommodate just one person to a multi-purpose space for eating, cooking socializing, and entertaining and it is crucial to make the area your own and reap the most value from the investment you make.

Hand-crafted kitchens are an ideal way to showcase your style and individuality. You will not be restricted to the options offered, and you can choose from a selection of styles that are able to be shipped to, you’ll be sharing what you are looking for, and showing inspiring photos that you’ve been collecting since the time you first imagined your dream kitchen. You will also be able to create a kitchen that is individual to you.

The kitchen you design with an individual, hand-crafted company can also mean that they will not be influenced by trends and won’t fall out of style in three years, and then regret it. The kitchens you will see will be traditional kitchens that are painted by hand, so should you desire the idea of a change, you’ll are able to change things up by adding a fresh coat of paint or a completely new color!

Kitchens are at the core of the house, and, as they say, kitchens are the most sought-after item in the market, therefore making the investment in a high-quality kitchen is not just beneficial in the short-term, while you are living in your dream kitchen but also increase the value of your house.