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Reasons Why You Must Visit Machu Picchu At Least Once In a Lifetime

The area is surrounded by magnificent mountains and located sitting at 2,430 meters (7,970 feet) over sea level, the majestic Inca Ruins that are visible from the sky are simply amazing. The words aren’t enough to describe this area that’s why it’s more imperative to experience it yourself. Here are 11 reasons to make Peru your top priority on your bucket list.

The architecture

The engineering talent and skill that was the work of Incas is truly amazing particularly on this tiny area of land beneath the cloud. The Incas masterfully mastered the art of ashlar in which stones are cut in order to fit with great precision without mortar. Stones are fitting that you are unable to even get the blade in between the stones. It’s also a testimony to the strength and stability of the area that it has remained standing through earthquakes, continual rainfall, and now massive tourism.

The sights

At 2,430 metres above sea level The view of Machu Picchu in an unclouded day is breathtaking. Machu Picchu’s famed ruin is surrounded by towering mountain peaks (apus which translates to “sacred peak” from Quechua) and are surrounded by views of the valley.

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The mystery

The purpose behind the ruins is debated among archaeologists. There is a consensus the belief that Machu Picchu was built as an estate for the legendary Inca Pachacuti. Machu Picchu is also regarded as to be a place of pilgrimage where Incas could visit to pay homage in honor of the famous Inca leader. The route that pilgrims take by the Incas to this site was known as the Inca Trail. today referred to as”the Inca Trail.

The Incas Incas

While looking at the site, you’re also awestruck by the splendor that was The Incas and their civilization. At its peak the empire was awe-inspiring and extended beyond Peru up to Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina and parts of Colombia. The impact of the empire is felt across Peru as well as other regions of South America.

Could not last in the near future

A huge number of tourists flock to Machu Picchu every winter, and this popularity has now threatened the existence of the site. UNESCO is contemplating the possibility of putting Machu Picchu in their List of World Heritage in Danger and Peru is now restricting the number of tourists who visit Machu Picchu each day, in an effort to protect the site.

The story of the past

From the Incas from the Incas to Hiram Bingham’s “discovery” and the controversy that followed Machu Picchu’s story is lengthy and complex. It’s possible to spend days – or you’ll need to spend more time reading about the rich story of Machu Picchu. Incas as well as Machu Picchu.

The Inca Trail Inca Trail

The Inca Trail is just as popular in the same way as Machu Picchu and the trail each year gets crowded. The hike is a journey through ruins and gorgeous landscapes. It also will eventually lead you to the ultimate destination, Machu Picchu.

The culture

Cusco and the regions which surround Machu Picchu are rich in interests in culture. It’s a mix of Andean practices as well as Peruvian culture that includes people who speak Quechua in addition to Spanish in the region. Everything from the clothing as well as the culture is unique to any other culture in the world.

The journey

It’s like discovering something new as you walk onto these sacred grounds particularly when you’ve just completed the four-day Inca Trail.

Bragging rights

Machu Picchu is the holy pilgrimage of all backpacker destinations and definitely deserves the title of a spokesman. It’s impossible to stop telling others about your trip to this stunning destination.

The memories

After it’s all done and dusted it will be hard to forget the trip for Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley. Take plenty of photos since you’ll want to remember these experiences throughout the rest of your life.