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Why You Should Visit Romania In 2023

There comes a moment when everyone who has traveled for years likes to be amazed. It is a place that has a unique historical sites, stunning natural beauty, beautiful castles, medieval cities and a stunning architectural styles, Romania is absolutely worth to visit. We have listed twelve reasons to consider this stunning country as your next stop.

It’s also the place to be for amazing nature

Due to its vast geography, Romania is the most biogeographically diverse nation in the European Union. With mountains covered in snow and green hills surrounded by vineyards and forests and sand Black Sea beaches and Europe’s largest and most preserved delta, Romania is a paradise for all.

The wildlife is stunning

Romania is among the most ideal destinations in Europe to observe wildlife. The home of the largest number of bears that brown in the EU and its forests are also an ideal habitat for wolves, lynx deer, chamois and deer badgers, and many more. There is also the Danube Delta – the ultimate birdwatchers’ paradise, and the bison reserve is essential for any nature fan.

It is a matter of pride

There’s no better way for you to experience this region of the Carpathian mountains than by hiking. No matter if you opt for the beginner’s walk on the mountain’s saddle or an advanced hike you’ll enter the vastness of the wilderness that nature will be seen in a new way.

Natural wonders are part of the course.

Romania is the home of Scarisoara Glacier which is Europe’s second-largest underground glacier the Berca Mud Volcanoes Bigar waterfall an incredibly stunning waterfalls in the world, the living flames that are located in the Buzau as well as the Turda salt mines, home of the only amusement park underground in the world.

The history of the world is everywhere

Romania has been inhabited since the time of prehistoric times. The 34,950 year-old human remains discovered in Caras Severin from 2002, are the oldest discovered in Europe. In the modern era Romania’s history was shaped by the major ideologies and conflicts that swept across Europe and left the country with a unique blend of shared experiences and values.

There’s some truly amazing architecture

Romania is awash with architectural treasures. Particularly, Bucharest offers an unusual and occasionally difficult blend of styles, combining the beautiful and organic forms of 19th century architecture, with the straight lines of Stalinist architecture.

The food is delicious and mouth-watering

Romanian cuisine is based around delicious, high-calorie meals created to provide one of the most comfort foods. With a keen concentration on the taste and high-quality ingredients, it is sure to delight you by its simple, distinctive familiar taste.

There are a myriad of exciting festivals to choose from

Festivals are among the most lively and exciting aspect of Romanian culture. From the local festivals that unite everyone in celebration of local flowers or fruit to electronic music and musical festivals, and the week-long celebrations of classical music, Romania will surprise you with its diversity of cultural traditions.

The World Heritage Sites are awe-inspiring

Romania is home to more than 8 World Heritage Sites just waiting to be discovered including the churches painted by Moldavia as well as Moldavia’s Dacian castles in the Orastie Mountains, the historic Sighisoara centre The Danube Delta, the Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians and other regions of Europe (shared) and including the Monastery of Horezu, the villages with fortified churches in Transylvania as well as those of the Wooden Churches in Maramures.

Customs and legends are a part of the everyday routine

In Romania the customs and legends remain in existence and make up the majority of Romanians living, especially during religious celebrations. The majority of people will receive a carollers during Christmas. They paint eggs with red, knock them over on Easter. They also spray their doors and window windowsills in garlic to celebrate St. Andrew to keep evil spirits out.

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Folk culture continues to be strong

Romanian traditional culture seen an upswing in recent times and is continually being discovered and reinvented by local craftsmen and designers. Particularly it is the customary Romanian blouse, which is also called a “Romanian” can be worn by ladies of any age. It is celebrations are held annually that is organized by a local non-governmental organization.

It’s an excellent value for money.

You’ll earn more the euro or dollar you earn in Romania which is consistently considered to be among the most affordable destinations in Europe which is ideal for those on a budget and looking to maximize their vacation.